10 Weird Sex Facts You Never Knew

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10 Sex Facts You Never Knew

Sex is fun, and it seems quite straight forward, yet we bet you never heard of these 10 weird facts featured in this article! Keep reading to learn more:

1) An orgasm can unclog your sinuses: If you have a cold, that’s pretty good news for you. The stress release of an orgasm can actually help you free your nose up and clear your sinus ducts!

2) According to research, people have a higher chance to experience an orgasm while wearing socks. Some people think this is because the warmth and comfort of hot feet might actually feel like a warm blanket, and definitely more comfortable than cold feet, causing the whole body to feel cold.

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3) One of our primate cousins, Bonobos, have sex pretty much all the time. This is why they’re almost never in zoos: mom and dad would have a lot of awkward explaining to do!

4) Most condoms aren’t vegan-friendly: they are manufactured using a milk-based protein!

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5) Phallus indusiatus is a special type of mushroom that’s known to cause women to orgasm, simply by smelling it. We wonder what would happen if you put it in a stir fry or in a soup…

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6) Sperm is actually a very effective anti-aging product. Some manufacturers actually use Camel sperm and similar ingredients for lip balms and lotions.

7) Anal sex was punishable by death in England and Wales between 1533 and 1861. It is safe to say, the practice was related to the strict influence of the church during those years.

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8) While most animals only have “boobs” while nursing, human females have them all the time, possibly as a way to attract mates.

9) Oral sex has only been legal in Canada since 1969! It seems that even The Great White North couldn’t resist the flower power and the free love generation!

10) One-third of adults in Japan actually never had sex, making for the highest rates of adult virginity in any country ever.


11) A single sperm contains so much DNA that one single ejaculation equals to roughly the combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pro Laptops, clocking in at over 15.875 Gigabytes! The sheer amount of biological information being transferred is mind-blowing!


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12) Drinking too much coffee? Your semen will be more hyperactive as well, as caffeine can transfer to sperm.


Spoiler alert: do you know that terrifying screech of the velociraptor in Jurassic Park? Well, that’s a manipulated recording of tortoises having sex! So much for the suspense effect now!


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10 weird sex facts