11 Foods That Make You Smell Delicious

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Foods That Make You Smell Good

Are there actually certain foods you can consume that will help you give off a natural, pleasant smelling scent? Indeed there are! Try the following to keep giving off a naturally pleasant aroma to others and stave off other unpleasant ones.

Smelling nice is important to most people. We’re surrounded by others the majority of our lives and whether in transit, in a public facility like an office, a classroom, or perhaps trying to attract a mate, we certainly don’t want to be known as the person who ‘smells bad’.

A colossal amount of revenue made by the makers of soaps, personal fragrances, candles, deodorants, colognes and perfumes. Body odor is an unpleasant occurrence, but some odors can be lessened by ingesting various foods, herbs and beverages.

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While a few odors produced by the body may be linked to an underlying health condition such as diabetes or liver disease, other odors can be attributed to an unbalance in the digestive system, not to mention a hardy regimen of exercise or a hot day.

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How Does Food Influence the Way We Smell?

In many instances, when the body’s natural scent becomes soured, an issue in the digestion system may be the cause.

Material that is not fully digested in the intestines can produce some odor that is radiated through and out the body.

Foods that are difficult for the body to digest hang out longer in the digestive system and are likely to produce more sour-smelling bacteria than faster-digestive foods do.

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Regulating the digestive system is the first measure to take when trying to combat excessive body odor.

Water is extremely important to the body; it flushes out toxins and can decrease body odor while doing so.

Drinking roughly eight glasses of water a day helps keep the digestive tract rolling, so foods don’t have the chance to over-linger in the nooks and crannies of the intestines.

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Some physicians have recommended adding some lemon twists to the water as an added help along with a teaspoon (one a day) of chlorophyll, which is available at health food stores.

Eating a diet rich in yogurt can also help combat body odor. The live, active cultures in yogurt are regarded as good bacteria.

The presence of good bacteria controls the presence of bad bacteria and provides an essential balance for the digestive system.

Keep in mind, however, the snacks covered with yogurt and frozen yogurt do not contain living cultures, so they will not be helpful for eliminating bodily smells.

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Raw vegetables and fruits can also help reduce body odor.

These foods are good roughage that helps push everything in its path through the digestive tract.

The key, however, is to eat vegetables and fruits raw since cooked foods may produce more odor during the digestive process.

Therefore, snacking on apple slices and carrot sticks throughout the day can help tackle an odor problem from within unlike a new deodorant that merely covers up the underlying issue.

Additionally, the fresh scent associated with citrus fruits is said to pervade the body when eaten.

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Pumpkin and fennel seeds can also help to improve body odor. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and a zinc deficiency is typically associated with odor.

Remember that too much zinc, on the other hand, can interfere with the absorption of other important minerals like copper, so it is better to get some zinc from a handful of pumpkin seeds as opposed to a supplement.

Fennel seeds can be eaten to combat the post-meal smells associated with garlic and onions.

Fennel tea also contains this natural deodorizing potential. Similarly, parsley helps neutralize the odors from garlic.

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Finally, sage appears to be effective at fighting body odor whether it is ingested or applied topically.

Sage tea, which should be avoided by women pregnant or when nursing, helps combat stress-induced odor, though experts recommend that it should not be ingested on a regular basis as it could cause dizziness or hot flashes.

Sage can be mixed with rosemary and baking soda to form an effective guard against wetness and odor in the most commonly odorous parts of the body like the underarms.

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Other foods and spices that can reduce offensive body odor include raw nuts, soy products, thyme, celery, and mint. These are just some foods that have been known to help eliminate body odor.

Of course, by eliminating some odor-causing foods or elements from your diet like fatty foods and caffeine, body odor can also be warded away.

Fatty foods that are loaded with sugar and low in fiber can upset the pH balance of the intestines while caffeine increases the activity of sweat glands.

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As we go about our daily lives, it will likely be difficult to avoid foods that may help cause body odor. Some of these foods will also be needed for a balanced diet.

However, having an awareness of how diet can affect the way you smell will enable you to manage this issue and help deal with it more effectively.

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A List of foods that can help us smell good naturally

  1. Citrus fruits: They’re all fresh with lively, awakening scents, plus they’re readily absorbed by the body, improving your scent. Try pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and apples. A glass of apple juice a day can also help keep bad smells away.
  2. Cardamom: Known as a great breath freshener, cardamom also permeates the body quickly, leaving behind a fresh aroma.
  3. Jasmine tea: Drink a cup and you smell great. All herbal teas help digestion, moving toxins out of your body—which naturally helps you smell nicer.
  4. Fenugreek seeds: Soak these overnight in water, then munch in the morning to improve your scent throughout the day.
  5. Rosemary: This is not only a wonderful spice and a great treatment for skin, but it also helps annihilate body odor.
  6. Yogurt: The beneficial microorganisms help your stomach digest food and combat toxins more efficiently, cutting back on the natural causes of body odor.
  7. Water with lemon: Water flushes you out, and lemon is another citrus fruit that can help clean and refresh your system and help with weight loss. Drinking more water, in general, also helps keep you smelling clean.
  8. Cinnamon, thyme, and peppermint: Three spices that will improve rather than sabotage your natural smell.

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11 foods that make you smell good