14 Best Gifts for Single Moms On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate a day of love for couples. It’s a day to celebrate love all around. So if you’re a single Mom on Valentine’s Day or you know a special Momma who’s going solo this year, spread some of the love vibe with a few of these great gifts and ideas that are sure to make her day wonderful all around!

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1. Words of gratitude and encouragement 

Sometimes just the simple acknowledgement of words either written on a special card or taking the time to call can mean the world. Everyone can use a little encouragement, especially on a day that magnifies being single feel like the loneliest time ever. Show some love with a beautiful card or unique or funny note that simply says what an amazing friend and mom she is. Leave it on her door, email it if you’re far away, or send it via snail mail for a welcome surprise in her mail box.

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2. Flowers are always a welcome surprise 

Who doesn’t love the surprise of finding out they’re getting a delivery of fresh flowers? Contact your florist for a sweet arrangement that can be sent directly to the special lady at work, or even try getting a bunch of hand picked flowers to drop off. It truly is the thought that counts!

3. A trip to a day spa with a friend.

Being a mom is tough work year round and should be rewarded every now and again with some relaxation. A day at the spa, a massage certificate, a mani/pedi, or a relaxing facial, is just the treat to lift spirits and make her feel extra special.  There’s no need for her to go it alone. Schedule back-to-back appointments for a massage or see if you can get an appointment at the same time for a treatment together.



4. A gift card to her favorite store 

What single mom wouldn’t enjoy a gift card to her favorite store or shop? Give her the opportunity to do indulge in something she doesn’t often get to do. Go shopping alone!


5. A night out with the girls.

Sometimes a night out with the ladies is all it takes to remember why being single is so great. Organize a special lunch at a new place, grabbing dinner, seeing a new movie, organizing a fun game night, or just hanging out with some munchies and chatting – sans the kids.

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6. Chocolate or her favorite dessert 

Pick up her favorite chocolate, make her favorite breakfast or Belgian waffles that you know she doesn’t let herself have that often. You know she won’t buy it for herself. Get some for the two of you – and mix it with a bottle of her favorite wine!

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7. Lots of laughs but no pity parties 

One of the greatest gifts you can give a single mom is to refrain from any remarks of pity. Life can be more than fulfilling without a relationship and one should never make someone feel like something is lacking in their life because they don’t have the right man to share it with. Many women out there choose the single life and love it, so give encouragement to your friend that she is a remarkable person in her own right.


8. Photos of her true loves.

Every mom loves a picture or two – or a hundred—of her adorable kids and friends. Get some printed, wrap them up in a card or pick out a cute frame to show off fun faces. Better yet, if you’ve got time to devote to something special, create a photo album of all the people who love her best with special notes from them all.

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Mixbook Photo co. turns all your favorite pictures into beautiful custom photo books you can share for years to come with your generations of your family.

9. A kid free day.

Handmade gift certificates for a kid-less day or evening can do wonders for a single mom. Give her a list of dates you are available for her to redeem her coupon, plan a few activities for the kids and let the planning begin!


10. Something made with love.

Anything homemade or handmade is sure to be a hit with the gal who knows all about how important time is. Think soaps, body scrubs, candies, etc. If you’re into jewelry or have special talents in knitting, put your skills to use making something nice to give. She’ll appreciate the time and effort you spent thinking of her.

11. A special activity with her kids.

Single moms may like to just have a day to hang out with their littlest loves, so a family friendly date may be just the ticket. Consider giving a gift card to a local bowling alley or an interactive hands on museum. An indoor laser tag arena would be a great idea for active families.

12. Tickets to a show.

A couple of tickets to a comedy night, local play or great band may be perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. Plan ahead so she won’t be going it alone. Either schedule time with her and yourself or grab an extra ticket for a close friend of hers.

13. A maid for a day!

Every single Mom is a super woman and a maid for a day is a perfect gift! Things like laundry, dishes, organizing and cleaning chores all get put on the back burner. A thoughtful gesture would be to provide her with the gift of a cleaning service to do some deep-down scrubbing of her home.

14. Something to binge on.

If none of the other ideas are striking your fancy, perhaps she may love an audio book or a monthly subscription box to Fabfitfun filled with her favorite beauty, fitness or tech accessories, or how about a fun jewelry trinket like a beautiful necklace or bracelet or stylish handbag from Stella and Dot?

Being a single mom doesn’t mean she should be singled out of Valentine’s Day. Use one of the items on this list to make her feel included, special and an inspiration for the love brought on by this special holiday.