15 Healthy Date Night Ideas That Don’t Cost Anything!

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15 date night ideas that don’t cost anything

Treat your date to a great time, without spending a dime!

Going on a date is fun, but it can be quite expensive these days. Keep reading to learn more about how to have an amazing time, without breaking the bank.

1) Have a cozy night at home: Who said home can’t be a fun place? There are many things you can do with your date in the comfort of a familiar place! Give each other a nice massage, stretch together, give each other a mani/pedi. This doesn’t have to be just for girlfriends.

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Break out a new game, get to know your partner again. No one knows everything about everyone and no matter how long you guys have known each other there’s always something new to learn. There’s some great games out there that can bring out all sorts of interesting facts that I bet you never knew!

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2) Be an urban explorer: Your city can be an exciting place to hang out. Walk around, visit a new neighborhood, and take a stroll with your significant other! This is a really special way to turn a date night (or day) into a true adventure, and a lot of memories are waiting to be made!

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3) Get in touch with nature: Are you lucky enough to live near beautiful nature? Escape the urban environment with your date!

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4) Make a meal together: raid your fridge, and cook a fantastic meal with your date. This can be fun bonding, and very sweet!

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5) Go on a photo safari! You don’t need to have a fancy camera, even a phone is enough. Go out and take photos of landmarks, street art, each other, strangers and more.

6) Play board games: There are plenty of really fun new board games can be hilarious and engaging, and they make for a perfect date night activity.

7) Netflix and Chill. What else can we say? A true modern classic. As busy as everyone is these days there’s probably tons of movies on your queue you don’t have time to watch and would love to catch up on;)


8) Have a picnic. Get out to a beautiful park and enjoy a picnic with your lover!

9) Arts & Crafts. Get creative with your date and make something you can save. Whether its drawing, painting or collage or a ceramic piece, these things can be a lot of fun.

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10) Attend a free event. Many communities host lots of free events. Get informed and organize your date around one of them. The possibilities are truly endless. Concerts, theatre plays, art exhibitions, free museums…almost every city in the world offers something like the above.


11) Do some volunteering. Volunteering can be a great way to do something special and useful with your date. Feed the homeless, volunteer at an animal shelter, clean up the beach…anything goes, and it can be more fun than you might think! Especially when you have someone you love doing it with you!

12) Spend time with family: Family time might seem boring or awkward when you’re dating, but if the relationship has gone far enough, it can be a great way to go on a date on the cheap!

13) Stargazing: look away from your smartphone and gaze up at the sky, where you can guess the constellations with your SO.

14) Learn something together: You don’t need to take lessons. Pull up a Youtube video tutorial, go to a beautiful library or bookstore together and learn something special with your date…that’s educational fun!

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15) Go Window Shopping: Even if you can’t buy anything, who said you can’t browse and look? Window shopping can be a really fun time, and it is actually one of the most popular cheap date options out there. In fact, we bet that every couple has done that at one point or another!

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