20 Things You Never Knew Were Contagious

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Humans are like monkey see monkey do at times, we tend to never like to experience anything alone and perish the thought of going against the grain while our peers are moving in one direction. Look at fashion, technology, trends and behaviors. In fact our mimicking behavior is closer to primates when we follow each other’s behavior good or bad and shun those out of social circle who don’t. If you don’t want to be a typical follower take a note of these top 20 human things that are quite contagious below. Most of them are not diseases!

20 Things You Never Knew Were Contagious! 

Here’s an add on! Maybe it’s in the water:) Apparently pregnancy is contagious as well! 15 nurses, 1 hospital all pregnant at the same time! And 7 teachers – half the teaching staff expecting at one school!

Baby Boom!

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1) Stress – People become more alert when exposed to the sweat from a stressed out person! This cue can possibly prepare us for potential danger and ready our ‘flight or fight’ response mechanisms. Merely seeing an anxious person can ready up our stress hormone cortisol levels to higher degrees.

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2) Applause – “I live for the applause, applause, applause” – Lady Gaga. There’s a reason why they put those hired ‘clappers’ in the audience of live tv shows – to create applause, or rather enthusiasm – which is the real emotion they’re seeking to generate. It’s contagious!

3) Opinions – More than a bit contagious and everybody’s got one! The foundation of viral marketing rests on this assumption

4) Fashion – I’m not too sure why there isn’t an Amazon for fashion but they could clean up based on influencer-led movements in style

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5) Disgust  – Pheromones, chemical signals can apparently communicate disgust. When people were disgusted they released these pheromones which caused other people to sniff less often and make repulsed faces.

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6) Fear and Anxiety – Researchers in the United Kingdom have shown that anxiety can be contagiously passed from parents to children and from children to parents.

The contagious nature of anxious thoughts and actions occurs beyond just genetics, according to the study which was published in The American Journal of Psychiatry.

Says Professor Robert Friedman, editor of the Journal, “This study is a landmark, because it is the first to clearly establish the early transmission of anxiety symptoms from parents to children, not through their shared genetic background, but rather from the way in which anxious parents raise their children.”

Same holds true in the workplace. Fear and anxiety can be passed around in the office like a bad cold especially among those who work in close quarters.

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7) Gossip/Scandal – Clinton/Lewinsky, Trump, Tiger Woods, Robert Kraft, a trillion sex scandals/political – I rest my case

8) Shivering – According to research, simply observing someone who’s cold can make you feel cold, too.

A team of scientists from the University of Sussex showed 36 subjects a series of videos of people submerging their hands in ice water, as well as submerging their hands in warm water, or keeping their hands at rest in a bowl of water.

The researchers found those who watched the ice water video had colder hands themselves, while watching the other videos prompted no change.

9) Negative Energy & rudeness -Unfortunately can be contagious as the flu as misery loves company and more people are forgetting basic manners nowadays.

A recent study found that 75% of participants in the workplace said they had been subjected to rudeness at least once in the past year, and that just observing other people on the job being subjected to rudeness made it more likely that a person would treat their colleagues in the same way. Yuck!

10) Obesity – there is a 171% increased chance if a good friend increases weight, so will you…hence the Freshman 15…

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11) Yawning – 40-60% of people who hear talk about yawning or view someone yawn immediately do it themselves. And btw – please don’t be a ‘rudey’ and cover your mouth when yawning:-)

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12) Laughter – Is contagious as a bug and has more to do with social setting vs. humor, you are 30 times more likely to laugh socially than solitarily, in cross gender conversations, females laugh 126% more than males

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13) Smiling – When someone smiles at you be it a stranger or a loved one, you generally smile back right? Unless you’re a sociopath. Plus, it only takes 14 muscles, is free and is good for you.

14) Trends – People love to follow the newest and latest trends so they can keep up to date on everything that’s going on so they can impress everyone around them. Humans also tend to get bored easily and want to follow the latest hype and trends in fashion, food, industry and news. At the pace the world moves at now it’s exhausting to keep up with it all but we all suffer from FOMO!

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15) Rhythm/Music Beat – We may all march to a different drum but who hasn’t been toe-tapping and realize the person next to them is doing the same thing. 

16) Goodwill – When times get tough in tragedy, the human spirit does have a way of banning together in support for one another. 

17) Referrals – Are contagious! An average person will tell 5 people after a good experience and 8 people after a bad one, the web allows an online savvy person to tell 100 friends and an influencer to tell 1,000 to 10,000 or more!

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18) Violence/Litter – it’s the Broken Windows theory – allow something to be degraded or debased around you and sadly more of it will happen…look at the state of some of our beaches:(

19) Depression/Suicide – bridge jumping, subway jumping and other forms of reported suicide have a contagious effect on the socially displaced, the young and people with a close association to the victims. 

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20) Memes/Idioms – Where’s the Beef?, Bob’s Your Uncle, Dove Evolution, Got Milk, Mastercard’s Priceless…Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere; they are contagious.

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20 things you never knew were contagious