5 Devastating Ways JUULing is Ruining The Brain Of Your Teen

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5 Ways JUUling is Wrecking Your Teens Brain

If you’re the parent of a young adult, you certainly have worries about your teen becoming addicted to any potentially harmful substance.  Alcohol usage, smoking, and drugs can obviously be an impediment for success if overused early in life. Did you know that over 40 % of kids don’t realize that they are inhaling nicotine when they vape? Unfortunately, vaping’s popularity has grown tremendously. However, vapes or e-cigarettes are extremely toxic. They contain nicotine, artificial flavorings such as dactyl that is connected to serious lung damage, cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals and more. Juuling causes lung cancer and more. Read on how JUUling can literally ruin the brain of your teenager.

It can completely alter the brain development and mentality of an adolescent..

Meanwhile, substance abuse is becoming more and more prevalent in teens due to a new device that your child has access to right behind your back.  The Juul, which can be mistaken for a flash drive, is a portable, chargeable, vaping device that has cartridges (or “pods”) that contain as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes.

These vapes are especially attractive as they come in multiple flavors and barely emit a smell after it is hit.

These sneaky devices are sold at any drugstore/gas station, making them extremely accessible for those 18 or older (in some areas, 21).  However, this does not mean your teenager cannot access them.  According to the FDA, more than 2 million middle schoolers and high schoolers regularly use the Juul.

Drug distribution to minors is becoming a major issue.  Older siblings or older friends are more likely to allow their younger buddy to try out their new and cool vaping device.  Some teens will even pay their earned money to continue the supply they receive.  Additionally, they will sell pods to others in their own school.

Not only has Juuling become an enormous trend with teens, but the devastating effects of vaping on a developing adolescent’s brain is even greater.  Just like smoking over 50 years ago, scientists don’t even know the full report of the harm vaping can cause in the long run.  Yet in spite of this relatively shallow knowledge of physical effects, mental damage for children who Juul are even greater than people who use other vapes.

Here Are 10 Scary Effects of the JUUL:


To state the obvious, yes, Juuling is addicting.  As mentioned, one Juul cartridge has as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.  Some teens go through a pod per day!  This much nicotine can cause severe physical and mental issues such as:

  • Psychological Dependence

Includes emotional and motivational withdrawal symptoms

  • Physical Dependence

Includes depression, headaches, cravings, weight gain, etc

  • Nicotine Poisoning

Includes drowsiness, lightheadedness, dizziness, vomiting

A dangerous myth about Juuling is that it contains no nicotine at all.  This is falsely advertised by many sellers mainly so gullible teens will buy their device and come back for more after they’re ignorantly addicted.  In addition to this, a Juul package costs around $50-$60 dollars.  An addicted teen will likely spend their money just to get another hit of the Juul or buy from a dealer themselves.

JUUL company is targeting people as young as middle schoolers now.  This is because the younger a child is, the more susceptible they are to develop a liking or addiction.

teen vape
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Juuling is certainly becoming a major trend in middle school and high school.  As students are driven to follow this trend, they are also likely to dedicate less time and effort toward their academics and other activities.

Juuls work alongside cell phones as a student who is addicted will be tempted to check their phones to see if their buddy has texted them about their next meetup.  It is becoming more frequent for students to be influenced by others to skip class to attend a Juuling session instead.

It isn’t difficult for an addicted teen to choose vaping over going to the gym, doing homework, or socializing with family.

As with any liking, especially with children, thinking about the next time you are getting something is a massive distraction.  Addiction will lead into a student not being able to care less about anything besides when they will get their next hit.


Self Discipline

A large part of growing up is learning self-control and ethics.  But when a child becomes addicted to something, they feel like they have little self-control at all.

Not only will your child’s addiction to the Juul force them to believe they enjoy it, but it will also diminish their self-respect.  Many teens who Juul are aware of the side effects, but they do it anyway.  Whether this is caused by peer pressure or addiction alone, it causes immense feelings of guilt and regrets if they know they would be better off not doing it.

Low self-respect can lead to:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Shutdown
  • Self Harm


Very Low Self Esteem

With trends comes popularity in teens.  Many teens will inevitably feel like an outsider if they are not being a sheep and following what the majority is doing.

Regarding Juuls, a student is heavily pressured to vape especially if their friends are doing so.  One major cause of low self-esteem is being surrounded by negative peers.  Being a part of a social group that brings you down – by pressuring you to do things you do not want to or disrespecting you, can cause you to feel like something is wrong with you.

It is very easy for a teenager to feel swallowed up by a world that they cannot control. Therefore, Juuling with the crowd can be an outlet that burns.


Many could easily say that vaping gives teens a chance to meet people with common interests.  The problem is, this common interest is vaping.  Teens can feel comforted by the fact they are surrounded by others who are following the trend, but issues can arise from this.

Young children may not be able to find their own interests if they are surrounded by the same thing all the time.  They may also become paranoid if they feel used by their peers that only hang out with them for the purpose of ripping a Juul.

Teens that Juul behind their parents’ backs are also prone to have a weak relationship with the family.  They feel there is something to hide and can develop habits of being closed-up.

What can parents do?

Talk to your kids about the dangers of using any form of tobacco or nicotine products. Although they may be less harmful than traditional e-cigarettes, it’s important to remind your children that JUULing, vaping or whatever they’re calling it is really bad for their health and development and can have lasting effects. Educate yourself about like-cigarettes and what to do if you find out your children are using them.

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