5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Mental Health Every Day

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Stay grounded, feel balanced and improve your mental health in five simple ways.

People are starting to become more aware of mental health, and more importantly, they are starting to understand how to take care of it as best as possible. Much like you take care of your body every day by doing some physical activity or eating balanced, healthy foods, it’s important to make sure you nurture your mind and emotional psyche on a daily basis. You depend on yourself and so do your family and friends. The mind is a muscle you can strengthen every day. Here are 5 simple tips to help improve your mental health, day in and day out!

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1) Stay organized:

With Marie Kondo and other de-cluttering trends swiping up the nation, many people are starting to adopt a more organized lifestyle. This can do wonders for your mental health, and offer a wide range of benefits, such as enhancing your focus and emotional stabilities. People living in messy environments are more prone to mood swings, stress, and depression.

2) Manage relationships in your life:

Whether it’s a partner, a friend, or a person at work, we need to deal with other people on a daily basis. Some of them can be a positive force in our lives, but others might drain our energy from us.

It’s important to recognize negative people and learn how to deal with them in the best way. Many people are trapped in submissive relationships or forms of emotional abuse and codependency, which might damage their mental health in various ways.

Being a new mom is hard work. Make sure you have an adequate support network around you to help with the new physical, financial and emotional burdens you now have. It takes a village to raise a child. Don’t go it alone.

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3) Too many distractions:

Do you find yourself spending too much time drifting off from your task and browse on your Instagram feed, while you should be doing other things? While it might sound like an innocent goof, getting distracted too often is a bad habit, which can seriously damage your attention span on the long term, and cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Set some rules for yourself and try to minimize distractions while working and read my helpful tips on How to Detox From Your Digital Life.

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4) Watch what you eat:

The food you eat might have a direct impact on your mental state. Eating junk food and calorie-dense food on a daily basis might be an immediate reward for your body: A slice of cheesy pepperoni pizza is delicious when you bite into it, but what happens after?

Lack of proper nutrients due to a poor diet, as well as other feelings such as guilt or shame for indulging in unhealthy foods too often,  can contribute to an unbalanced mental state, as well as various emotional disorders.

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5) Wake up earlier in the morning:

This might sound like a big chore at first, but if you make an effort to wake up earlier, you will experience a huge difference.

If possible, set your alarm between 6 and 7, and allow yourself some YOU time before you need to get ready for work or other commitments.

Waking up earlier and taking some time for yourself in the morning can be helpful for your emotional health and mental acuity. In particular, 10 to 15 minutes of light exercise, (even sex helps!) yoga or meditation early in the morning can help your mental status throughout the entire day.

If you feel like you’re suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts don’t ever be ashamed. Get the help that you need for yourself and your family. Reach out today for professional help. You are not alone.

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5 things to improve mental health