5 Types of Alcohol That Can Cause Havoc to Your Skin

red wine by fireplace

If you like to drink Friday and Saturday night, you may want to skip this article. Your favorite drink can run havoc on your body, especially your skin for years. Using alcohol in small doses may have some benefits for the body but it also goes hand in hand with dozens of negatives, so think carefully before reaching for that 3rd drink. Especially for women as women metabolize alcohol faster than men. You will be surprised, but your skin suffers most from your friendship with spirits.


If you are a fan of beer, you should reduce your encounter with it because it makes your face puffy because of the sugar and salt content.

White wine

A lot of research suggests that one cup of wine is good for the heart, and so on. Well, a recent study by Brown University said that even a small amount of wine increases the chance of getting rosacea – a skin condition that is expressed in its redness in places due to the saturation of blood cells on the surface of the skin.

Red wine

And red wine unfortunately is not an option! Despite it’s benefits in small doses, if you get red rashes sometimes, then red wine may be the worst alcoholic drink for you, as its natural sugar composition will only increase your flush.

On the plus side red wine is made from a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Today, more and more studies show that red wine owes its health benefits from the high level of antioxidants called ” resveratrol” present in the seeds and skins of processed and fermented grapes during the rigorous process of making red wine. So, as long as you don’t go overboard perhaps the benefits will outweigh the damage to your skin.

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Rum / whiskey

Unlike the drinks already listed, the problem with high-alcohol beverages is the extra fluids they often mix – soda, car and other carbonated liquids, filled with sugar and artificial sweeteners that provoke acne.

Also, dark liquids contain congeners that are produced during the fermentation of alcohol and these congeners lead to premature aging of the skin.

Mixed Cocktails

Perhaps the worst option. They contain different kinds of alcohol, that is, you bring in your body many sugars and preservatives that will bring you into puberty after one night of more serious consumption.

What to drink?

Experts say the cleaner the alcohol is, the better. In practice, if you want to drink something, you better turn to vodka or … wine (but choose carefully and drink moderately) and you should be just fine:)