5 Ways to Eat Whatever You Want Over Thanksgiving and Still Burn Fat

eat anything over thanksgiving and burn fat

How to Eat Anything You Want Over Thanksgiving and Still Burn Fat

OK, it’s getting closer to Thanksgiving time! National eat everything in sight day will be just around the corner. Now is the time to formulate a plan to make sure you don’t undue all of your hard earned efforts. How can you eat whatever you want over this day of indulgence and still burn fat? There are several ways!

1. Exercise:

Not just the day of Thanksgiving, but that week in general. We focus on Thanksgiving day, but the snacking starts much earlier and carries over too. The cooking of Thanksgiving foods and the mood all lead to snacking much earlier in the week, and carries well over into Thanksgiving weekend.

Plan of Action

Weight lifting and intense exercise is key during this time.

Here’s Tiffany Rothe’s 20 Minute Thanksgiving work out to get you motivated!


Focusing on medium to high reps Monday and Tuesday will help deplete your glycogen stores with of course the additional benefits of exercise like increasing insulin sensitivity, setting you up for success later in the week.

Taking Wednesday off will give you a mental/physical break from working out so you can hit the gym hard on Thanksgiving Day.

I realize some of you may not be able to workout on Thanksgiving, and although I believe that’s an excuse, I would instead take Thursday off and do the Thursday workout Wednesday night.

Putting the heavy workout as close to your Thanksgiving meal or day will increase the chances the foods you eat go towards useful means (such as muscle) versus being stored as fat.

It’s very unlikely to store fat after you’ve just completed a full body workout taxing all your muscles.

Friday and Sunday will be off, but we’ll use Saturday to really push it. Your muscles will be full of glycogen from all the eating, a perfect time for you to complete a heavy workout and set some new personal records. Reps should be decreased and weight should be increased as long as you can keep form and obviously keep safe.

This exercise schedule should set you up perfectly to eat what you want on Thanksgiving and still make great progress.

2. Sleep.

The benefits of sleep almost outweigh the sheer enjoyment of sleep. We’re talking increased insulin sensitivity, more energy, happier, less fat, more muscle, better hormonal profile, reduced cravings and less stress.


It really is the magic pill. For the amount of exercise and energy you’ll need this week, sleep is key to your success! Except on Friday. You must shop on black Friday! Wallace D. Wattles Put it best:

“There is an inflow of vital power, which is received by all living organisms during sleep… this vital energy is the only power by which the body may be healed, repaired, renewed or maintained”

Military Method for Falling Asleep in Two Minutes

3. Walk, Hike or Play a Game

I realize this would probably go under the exercise section for many of you, but I’m not talking about that kind of walking.

I mean grab some family, which I’m sure there will be plenty of around, and go for a walk post football game.

couple walking together

Or even at half time. The key is to get moving in a environment filled with smiles and laughter.

This will raise insulin sensitivity, keep you in a good mood, help with digestion and eliminate any thanksgiving (family) stress you might have.

Thanksgiving football will do many of those same things, while also providing some of the benefits of regular exercise. It provides intensity and laughter, two keys to success!

4. Eat Everything in Sight

At-least for Thursday… “Cheating” on the day of Thanksgiving will raise leptin, master hormone, which will consequently raise other good hormones like Thyroid/Testosterone, kill cravings later in the week and allow you to release more fat for energy later in the week.

Since Leptin can fall as much as 50 percent in just one week of dieting, keeping it high is important, and cheating is the perfect way to do that.

How Cheat Days Actually Help You Lose Weight

The following tips should also help you out:

Go lower-carb until Thanksgiving day.

This will directly/indirectly lower calories and deplete you enough to where we can increase the chances that the foods on Thanksgiving go where we want them too.

Use intermittent fasting pre and/or post Thanksgiving day. It will effortlessly reduce calories, increase energy and increase insulin sensitivity.

Don’t just blindly do this, learn about it and do it efficiently and safely. Fill up on healthier foods before you move onto “cheat” foods on Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving bloat

This will increase the chance that you eat less desserts and/or cheat foods.

Eat well during the day and cheat later.

Starting your cheat day earlier in the day might lead you to cheat more throughout, whereas if you eat better during the first part of the day, you’re restricting the “cheating” to a select time period.

Incorporate the rest of the methods in this guide!

This isn’t an all or nothing type of thing. Certain strategies will help certain people and others won’t. Pick a method you think will truly help you. And just FYI, I’ll be doing a “cheat”. I’ll be doing it strategically by doing everything I provide in this guide, but I will be cheating.

I believe we should be healthy enough to enjoy times of unhealthiness without consequence. Why? Happiness. Our primary goal.

5. Stay Positive:

I know what you’re saying, of course I’m putting this in here. Thinking positive will help you.

I know being around family can be stressful, and I know for the health conscious, being around foods you picture as “cheat” foods can also be stressful.

Those two combined can really just set you up for failure, unless you realize that both have the opportunity to push you closer to your goals.

tapping solution weight loss webinar

First off, family and friends should bring laughter and smiles, automatically putting you in a positive mood, and they will if you just let them.

Going into the week thinking family is stressful will only bring that into truth.

Go into the week thinking how great it will be and picturing how much fun you will have with family and friends.

Secondly, cheat foods should be enjoyed. If you’re going to deviate from your plan to eat something YOU want, then YOU should at-least enjoy it! Stressing is only going to send foods to the wrong places in your body.

Stay positive throughout the week. I’ll be posting a lot of good stuff this week so keep checking back in.

Enjoy time with family and friends. Seriously, you need to laugh and smile at-least 137 times.

happy woman jumping

Be thankful. Listen, I’m not getting religious on you, but just be grateful. It works wonders:)

Before you eat, close your eyes and be thankful for the food around you, the power and love in your house and the family and friends around you.

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You do all of this and you will move closer to your “dream body”.

More importantly, you’ll be happy. And what’s our motto here?

Happiness is the goal, it’s the entire point. You create it!


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eat what you want over thanksgiving and burn fat