50 Year Old Man Who Lost Everything Gets in the Best Shape of His Life

todd vande hei

Todd Vande Hei who goes by the Insta name of Testodderone is living proof that age is no barrier to getting and being in the best possible shape of one’s life And reaching the pinnacle of career success.

At 50 years young, Todd from Southern CA is the ripped CEO of Stark, a Personal Training and Nutrition company he started with a personal trainer friend after he lost everything in the credit crunch of the property market collapse.

todd vande hei

He originally worked for a manufacturing firm in his 30’s where he ultimately got fired, and been experiencing a host of physical ailments ranging from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and high blood pressure.  He even had a grand mal seizure on a golf course that not many people come back to talk about.

The fundamental difference behind the Stark training method vs typical personal training systems is to use a team of health professionals rather than just one personal trainer to help you attain your fitness goals. These pros include; a nutritionist, a program designer, a chiropractor, specific supplements and naturopathic medicine.

A Better YOU in 5 Days

As you can see from his photos it’s certainly worked for Todd! He now looks for excuses to take off his shirt in public.

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Todd is 5’7 and weighs 160lbs. Because he is one of the founders and CEO of Stark he has no issues with motivation. He sees himself as an ‘example of what the company can help people achieve.’

The moral of the story is! Never let your age or your circumstances hold you back in life!

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