6 Health Benefits of Laziness


Benefits of Being Lazy

Most people think that being lazy is a fatal flaw, especially in this hectic and competitive modern world. It turns out, however, that there is scientific evidence that shows that laziness is not harmful, on the contrary. Indeed, according to experts, laziness may even be beneficial to your health.

Here is a list of 6 health benefits that you can derive from your laziness:

1. Lazy people are not at risk of stress

The slower and lazy people who always have time to rest are actually less likely to suffer from stress and / or mental exhaustion.

Whatever the profession of this type of people, they never look at themselves as machines and always find a way to get away from their work for a while. They know internally that they need relaxation so they do not get to the edge of exhaustion, which is a plus for their health.

2. Lazy people have lower blood pressure

According to the Guardian, the 45-minute break (up to an hour) at the couch in front of the TV helps reduce blood pressure after a stressful day. The study is from scientists at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.

Anti stress health benefits are derived only from the daily rest or nap, with which night sleep has nothing to do with.

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3. Lazy people have better emotional intelligence

According to the Esquire magazine study conducted by the University of Oklahoma, lazy people are more capable of feeling the emotions of others than the more active individuals.

Researchers have concluded that lazy people are more careful during a conversation and can better understand what happens to another person’s head.

4. Lazy people enjoy better skin

Stress has repeatedly been proven to cause inflammation and skin diseases, including psoriasis, acne, eczema and rosacea.

So lazy people are happy because they may enjoy clearer skin.

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5. Lazy people have greater creative potential

According to a study conducted by Professor Manfred Cates de Vries, laziness can develop your creative potential.

Psychological research shows that you do not have to do anything but just do nothing – it is at this point that you will come up with the best ideas for innovation, insights into inventions, music, and so on.

This is not just a benefit to your health , but it is something that can make you more successful and happy.

6. More sleep = better health

Quality sleep has many health benefits that include better memory, less inflammation, better concentration, less stress.

Insufficient sleep can lead to health problems including diabetes, poor immune system, heart disease, and depression and anxiety.

If the threats of high blood pressure, heart disease, poor mental health, or imperfect skin are not enough to make you rest longer, it is an indication that you do not pay enough attention to your health and that you need to rearrange your priorities.

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6 health benefits of laziness