7 Ways to Slow Down Aging

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We all want to stay young as long as possible, because of our health, but also because of our appearance.

One research team tested about 1,000 participants who were in their late 30s and found that some of them were fit as when they were 20, while others had health problems that affected the older population.

According to studies, genetics affects about 20% of how people age, while the environment and lifestyle are factors that play a much larger role.

Here’s what you need to stay youngsters, following the recommendations of the experts:

vitamin D

Add more vitamins to your diet

Antioxidants prevent free radicals caused by the sun or smoking to damage the cells in your body. You can use a face cream with antioxidants, but you can also take them orally.

The most powerful antioxidants that slow down the aging process are selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Include fish oil as well as other anti-inflammatory supplements in your diet. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are great for maintaining youthful skin appearance.

Spend 15 minutes in the sun

Although women’s magazines today convince you that you must not be without a sunscreen on your face, even during the winter days, however, the UK Cancer Research Association suggests you spend each day around noon in the sun for about 15 minutes without using a cream for sunbathing.

It will help you get enough vitamin D, without being at risk of getting skin cancer.

Practice training your brain

Exercise is important, but be sure to train your brain. Read books, learn foreign languages, and play games that involve mental activity. When the brain actively works, the aging process slows down.

Recent research has shown that learning increases the number of neurons, which helps the brain stay young for a long time.

Eat less, live longer

Calorie restriction, which essentially means less food intake, without starving, can slow down human metabolism and help you stay young longer.

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Avoid processed foods because the phosphates added to these products accelerate the aging process.

Bring foods that slow down aging such as blueberry, black chocolate, nuts, figs, salmon, avocado, turmeric, etc.


This way you will reduce the risk of heart disease, protect the skin and vision, improve cognitive function and improve bowel health.


Switch to natural cosmetics

Try less to make-up because the parabens (preservatives that are added to cosmetics) disturb the estrogen level, and premature aging results.

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Turn to natural cosmetics. If you are addicted to make-up and can not make less makeup, then regularly clean your face every day.


Dance more often

A new study found that dance is one of the most effective activities that has a positive impact on the aging process.

Dance, especially with regular choreography changes, improves the work of the hippocampus and helps you slow down aging. So sign up for that Salsa class!


Go to sleep one hour earlier

It is very important to have a sleep mode that suits you. Experts say sleeping between 23:00 and 3:00 pm is responsible for diet and regeneration, so it’s important to go to bed at 23 or earlier. It is ideal to sleep 7-8 hours each night.

Chronic sleep deficiency affects not only how you feel, but how you look.

One study found that people who usually slept less than 7 hours and then started going to bed an hour earlier had positive changes in blood pressure. Thus they reduced the risk of strokes and heart attacks!