8 Of The Best Ways to Detox Your Body Naturally


8 Ways To Detox Your Body Naturally

Have you always wanted to try detoxing but don’t know where to start? While extreme body detox programs can be harsh or even detrimental, you can naturally detoxify your body with these 8 healthy lifestyle tips. Read on to discover 8 ways to detox your body in a 100% natural way!

How to detox is a natural process. You detoxify your body naturally whenever you breathe out, go to the bathroom or sweat. The air you exhale and waste you eliminate through skin, bowels and bladder include toxins your body wants to get rid of.

But natural cleansing body detox begins in your cells.

Your liver, spleen, kidneys and lymphatic system all detoxify your body naturally by getting rid of toxins that constantly accumulate in cells.

Detoxing cleanses the body from the toxins that we pick up in everyday life.

A few years back detoxing meant intense fasts with diets so boring you’d want to cry.

Fortunately, we’ve moved past this extreme diet regime and now there are many different ways to approach a detox. Here are 8 of our top ways to promote a healthy detox just the way nature intended!


1- Wave goodbye to sugar.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its true, sugar is bad for you, but great for parasites! If you’re feeling excessively tired or fining it hard to trim down to your ideal weight, sugar could be the problem.

A detox of sugar will improve your metabolism and help you shed some extra pounds. On top of this, you’ll also get your energy levels back without the help of an artificial sugar rush.

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Remember, that you will also have to boot out honey, syrups, and artificial sweeteners from your daily diet.

Eat a healthy cleansing detox diet.

A natural body detox cleansing diet provides cellular nutrition to your trillions of cells. All cells require quality protein, essential fatty acids found in whole grains, nuts, seeds and olive oil and omega 3 fish oil from cold water fish like salmon, tuna and sardines.

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2- Remember to hydrate!

As soon as you wake up in the morning reach out for that H2O. Water is the most natural and inexpensive detoxifier. Pure, clean water helps flush out unwanted toxins.

Drinking 2 quarts or more a day, preferably from glass bottles instead of plastic, is one of the best ways to naturally detoxify your body.

Soft drinks, alcohol, black tea and coffee are no substitute.

Try herbal teas if you want something hot. For flavor, add fresh lemon juice.

Try increasing your water intake to promote healthy digestion and add in some freshly squeezed lemon juice for an extra detox kick!

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3- Time to pull on your runners.

Exercise has a whole host of benefits for mental and physical wellness. By exercising regularly you will increase digestion, reduce anxiety, and flush out toxins. If jogging or swimming isn’t your thing, try a yoga or pilates class. Whatever gets your heart rate up and increases your heartbeat will help you detoxify.

At least a half-hour of daily exercise and stretching will improve blood circulation, burn calories to break down toxins stored in fat cells and help you to excrete toxic residue through sweat.

biking, running

4- Organic is best.

Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables are rich with nutrients that are essential for detoxing. Hit up your local farmer markets for the highest quality produce at the lowest price.

Reduce toxins coming into your body. Whenever possible eat organic food and avoid food additives, high glycemic index foods, bad fats, stimulants, drugs and environmental chemicals.

Take natural cleansing supplements. All nutrients are important. But some particularly contribute to body detox cleansing. Focus on vitamins A, B complex, C and E, plus magnesium chromium, selenium and omega 3 fish oil. Also, green tea, milk thistle and garlic may be helpful.

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5- Heat it up in the sauna

Sweating out toxins is the quickest way to detoxify. What better way to get hot and steamy then in a sauna? If you don’t have regular access to one a hot bath can also do the trick.

Sweat for perspiration equals waste elimination. Besides daily physical activity, saunas and warm baths with Epsom salts or sea salt can be used to induce sweating and eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

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Reduce stress with positive focus. Since hanging on to negative thoughts and feelings can be toxic too, it’s important to focus on positive thinking and behavior. Even crying is a way to naturally detoxify.

With these tips on how to detoxify your body and how to detox naturally, you can give yourself the gift of health, through natural cleansing body detox. You’ll learn how to detoxify your body, all day long, everyday.

6- Fermented foods are the answer


Looking for another excuse to binge on kimchi and sauerkraut? Many people are developing a taste for fermentation, and this approach to food is becoming very trendy, which is a good thing since it’s so healthy!

Fermented food is a rich source of good bacteria, which promotes a healthy gut. Inject some beetroot Kvass, pickles, kefir, or kombucha into your diet for the most delicious detox you’ll ever try.

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7- Sleep it off.

This is such an easy way to detox you could do it in your sleep… literally! Our bodies need a lot of rest and research has found that people who clock in a healthy amount of Z’s have lower stress levels.

Positive sleeping patterns also contribute to greater weight loss, which is a great excuse to hit the snooze button!

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8- Time to start drinking mocktails.

Alcohol is a toxin and while our body tries to keep up with processing it sugars and carbs are stored as fat.

On top of this, alcohol dehydrates our body and makes us feel tired. If you want to detox seriously, it’s time to pass on the beer and get creative with fruity and delicious non-alcoholic mocktails!

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8 ways to detox naturally