8 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Vagina

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Ladies know immediately when things have gone a bit awry down south. After all, we’re talking about an extremely sensitive area. It’s not at all difficult to keep track of what’s going on down there simply because it’s hard to see. The vagina normally has pretty much it’s own very efficient ‘ecosystem’ and takes care of itself pretty darn well without any interference despite the vast market of products out there, but sometimes things do go wrong. If your vagina is experiencing these symptoms you should probably go visit your physician to get to the bottom of it and before things get considerably more uncomfortable.

Bumps and Lesions

Every time you shower and clean yourself, check out the skin on your pelvic area and inside your thighs. For a better view, sit down in front of a mirror and perform a thorough self-exam. If you notice redness, sores and lesions make an appointment with your Gynecologist and get appropriate treatment before it becomes a bigger problem.

Unusual Discharge 

Discharge is one of the ways by which your vagina cleans itself and prevents infection. It changes slightly in color through your reproductive cycle and can become slightly brownish before and after your period. Alarming colors include yellow/green, grey/white or dark brown.

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Vaginal discharge is also called cervical mucus. It changes throughout your reproductive cycle and can serve as an indication of fertility. One of the most common symptoms of a yeast infection is a cottage cheese-textured discharge. Foamy discharge is also a sign that your body might be fighting an infection.

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Frequent Spotting

Light spotting between periods is often an early sign of pregnancy. It can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy complications, uterine polyps, infections or sometimes cancer. This is not a symptom that should be taken lightly.

It’s very easy for women to get a urinary tract infection. Make sure to pee right after sex, drink lots of water, rinse the vulva daily with clean water and avoid douching to keep your pelvic region healthy. If symptoms persist for more than a day or two, it’s worth a quick doctor’s visit.

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Bleeding after Intimacy

Bleeding after sex is never a good sign. It could be a simple case of insufficient arousal, but it could also be a symptoms of something bigger. Common causes of bleeding include infection, vaginal tearing, cervical or endometrial polyps, inflammation or cervical cancer.

Unusually Heavy Bleeding 

Every woman experiences her period differently. Heavy bleeding is normal at the beginning of your period, but it should subside after a day or two. If you’re bleeding heavily every day of your period, bleeding more than usual, or passing along large blood clots, talk to your GP. You may be experiencing menorrhagia or a more serious condition

Fire Down Below

Itching and burning is commonly caused by irritation and friction. If you tried changing your underwear or trimming your bikini and symptoms preside, call your gynecologist. You may be suffering from an STI, a yeast infection, bacterial vaginitis or eczema.

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Chronic Dryness

Everyone feels a little dry every once in while. If you haven’t hit menopause yet, you shouldn’t feel that way all the time. Common causes of vaginal dryness include medication, anxiety, irritants (from soaps, underwear or douching) and hormonal changes.

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8 symptoms of an unhealthy vagina