9 Signs You May Have Imposter Syndrome


9 Signs You May Have Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome, often also known as “Imposter Phenomenon,” can be characterized as a mood disorder, or as an emotional problem. In order to get to the root of the problem, it is important to first understand what impostor syndrome is, and why you might be suffering from it.

What is impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is sometimes described as a person’s innate inability to truly take credit for anything positive that happens in his or her life. Keep reading to learn more about 9 signs you might be experiencing this issue!

1 – Chronic dissatisfaction

Do you get good grades in school? Well, you probably should have done even better.

Did you just get a nice promotion at your work? I’m sure others deserve it more, and I can’t take all the credit for my success anyway.

Are you in a loving, positive relationship with a partner who loves you? It’s only a matter of time before they dump me, and they realize that there are much better options out there.

The list goes on, and on. The above sentences are only some example of how impostor syndrome leads people to be unhappy and negative about themselves. “Impostors” seem to be unable to appreciate that they actually are quite successful, well-liked and talented. Instead, they might chalk it all up to dumb luck, or they might even think that they should have done better.

2 – Low self-esteem

Impostor syndrome is a severe form of low self-esteem. Some people don’t have a lot of self-worth, which leads them to under-appreciate the positive aspects of their lives.

3 – A negative impact on your social and professional life

While this might just sound like modesty on the surface, impostor syndrome actually can have a really negative impact in several areas of one’s life. People affected by imposter syndrome might cause their loved ones to feel pain because they can be emotionally detached, and often in a dark mood.

In addition to that, imposter syndrome might actually damage your career and professional credibility. If you constantly put yourself down and claim you aren’t actually that good, people will eventually start believing you.

By contrast, worthless narcissists who constantly blow their own horn will go ahead, because they excel at parading skills they don’t actually have!

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4 – Constantly apologizing or making excuses for anything good that’s happening to you.

If you feel the need to constantly justify anything good that happens to you, you might be feeling like an impostor!

5 – Perfectionism and retentiveness

Many people in your shoes are often very meticulous and overly perfectionist, leading them to actually experience mental wear and overwork themselves.

6 – Fear of failure

You might experience crippling fear of failure or rejection, leading you to miss out on relationships and opportunity.

7 – Lack of confidence in yourself.

If you don’t feel confident in yourself, you might actually become more introverted, and keen on brushing off any positive achievement

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8 – Communication issues

If you struggle to communicate your feelings or moods, you might be actually experiencing stress related to impostor syndrome.

9 – Emotional rage.

If you’re snappy and prone to rage, especially with the people who are close to you, you might be dealing with a lot of emotional strain coming from your impostor syndrome.

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