Ayurvedic Beauty Principles for Life

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Ayurvedic Definition of Beauty

What is beautiful? Although society and media call a lot of attention to physical beauty, many don’t immediately think of Vogue’s definition of a model-perfect face when asked to think of something beautiful. Despite society’s obsession with the pursuit of physical perfection, it’s usually loved ones that come to mind when asked this question. Often times people become more or less beautiful as relationships develop, because personality and essence are deeply related to physical beauty.

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Beauty is a multi-billion dollar business for those searching for the the fountain of youth. Our world is obsessed with being beautiful, which has created an insatiable appetite for it. From beauty products, plastic surgery and books, millions of dollars are spent each year on products and treatments.

A simple Google search for the term “beauty” returns millions of results selling anti-aging products, treatments and promises.

The missing ingredient in most beauty products and treatments is that even if they are effective, they only mask the symptoms of dull skin, limp hair, or a less than radiant complexion.

Physical appearance is dependent on the choices we make for our diet, physical activity, and balanced mental state. Looking great is interconnected with feeling great.

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Ayurvedic Philosophy of Beauty

The Three Pillars of Beauty is based on an ancient Ayurvedic science which is rooted in the belief that beauty shines from within, and that physical appearance is a reflection of qualities such as intelligence, personality, and feelings such as confidence.

According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, beauty relies on the existence of three pillars: the outer beauty or roopam, the inner beauty and the lasting beauty.

One has to maintain all of these in order to attain radiant health.

Beauty and health can only be achieved when inner beauty is maintained well.

It is a holistic and integrated approach to connecting physical beauty to overall health. It emphasizes a sense of balance being that each pillar should be treated equally.

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The First Pillar of Beauty

Outer beauty is the first pillar of Ayurvedic beauty which acknowledges that external beauty is related to the condition of the body, hair, skin, teeth and nails.

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The beauty of these, however, are a direct manifestation of overall health.

Ayurvedic diet recommendations ensure healthy skin, shiny hair and strong nails. Basic nutrition advice relies on a generous intake of protein, fiber, water, and fresh juices.

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It also recommends eating the largest daily meal at lunch or mid-day, and to get plenty of sleep.

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The Second Pillar is Inner Beauty

The second pillar is inner beauty, which is affirmed by having the heart and mind work together in a compatible rhythm.

Thoughts and emotions must be in balance in order to achieve a state of calmness and reduce stress and worry.

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Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are necessary to help stimulate blood circulation, and to eliminate toxins and negative feelings.

Studies support these practices and have shown those who regularly practice meditation to have younger looking skin compared to those who don’t meditate.

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The Third Pillar of Lasting Beauty

The third pillar of beauty according to Ayurveda principles, is lasting beauty.

Beautiful skin and hair is easy during our youth. Ayurveda offers five basic techniques to restore a youthful appearance during advanced years.

Herbal remedies, healthy diet, Ayurveda massage, yoga, and incorporating Ayurveda techniques are suggested to retain or regain a healthy and beautiful appearance.

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It’s our birthright to live a happy and healthy life.

It’s a gift that is enjoyed during our youth, yet can easily be squandered with harsh lifestyle choices.

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Health and beauty then can become a fight of life or death to reclaim what was once so plentiful and taken for granted.

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Because health and beauty are interconnected on many levels, there isn’t one without the other.

External beauty is only possible with the presence of physical and mental health, because it’s feelings, emotions and having a balanced outlook on life that all physical beauty relies upon.

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