Do Probiotics Help Weight Loss?


Probiotics and Weight Loss

Over the years, people have tried different weird methods of weight loss – from eating any strange plants to injecting hormones from pregnant women. Now, some people swear that they are also weakened by taking probiotics that attack fat in the stomach area. Truth or myth!

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria that help the body, in particular, of the digestive system. They can be obtained in the form of supplements or in some foods such as yoghurt, kimchi and sauerkraut. In our stomach there are good and bad bacteria and a healthy dose of probiotics can give the positive over the bad ones.

“Scientists are trying to find out if good bacteria have an effect on weight gain. So far, however, there is no firm line on this issue, “says Bethani Dorfeller of the Northwest Medical School at What science says about the relationship between probiotics and weight loss.

According to previous studies, there is a link between the presence of good bacteria and the healthy weight.

“Generally, larger patients have more bad bacteria in the body. The lower a person is, the higher and more heterogeneous the amount of good bacteria in his body, “explains Dorfeller. This, however, is not enough evidence that probiotics lead to weight loss because it is not quite clear whether the quantity in question is organic or related to diet and exercise.

A Better YOU in just 5 Days!

“When considering bacteria, you should keep in mind both the natural in your body and those from additional sources such as food and supplements. And most studies that focus on the relationship between weight loss and positive bacteria make conclusions based on testing animals rather than humans. People who weigh less usually plan on vegetables and herbal ingredients in their diet, which are a good basis for losing weight and developing good bacteria in the stomach, “Dr Scott Kahn, director of the National Spa and Weight Loss Center .

Do supplements with probiotics help to lose weight?

You probably will not hurt taking probiotic supplements, but do not just rely on them to adjust your weight and reduce it. They’re not magic pills, “Khan said.


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