Do You Wash Your Hands Often Enough?

One of the most basic things about personal hygiene is the rule of washing your hands … relatively often. According to the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control, keeping your hands clean is one of the most important things that will protect you from diseases. But lately, a lot of health experts have warned that too much washing can make you a bad joke because it reduces the skin’s ability to fight bad bacteria. This leads to the question: How often do we have to wash our hands?

Generally, it is suggested that beneficial bacteria that live on your skin should survive there after the site is treated with water and soap. No matter how many times you wash your hands, they stay attached to it.

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However, too frequent hand washing causes damage to the skin by drying it. It also appears to be able to reduce the amount of positive bacteria on it. When the skin is drier, the good bacteria can easily disappear from it.

If you feel such dryness, or certain areas are red, scaly or itchy, you may be overweight with hygiene. Permanent hand washing can also affect your immunity, health experts say.

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Especially dangerous is in young children who are still developing their immunity. Frequent hand washing is like an overdose of antibiotics – an inability of the body to try to fight alone with certain microbes. It is important to know that washing hands with antibacterial soap is the same as washing with plain soap.

When is it advisable to wash your hands?

The aforementioned things do not in any way mean that you should stop washing your hands after going to the toilet, before and after eating, before going to bed, etc. A curious fact after a University of Michigan study is that 95% of the people do not wash their hands after walking to the toilet, which increases the likelihood of intercepting bacteria.

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Washing hands after walking to a toilet is imperative and should not be omitted. But if you lift a pen from the floor or hold your hand in your pocket, you can safely skip the soap.