Erotic Essential Oils for Sensual Massage

erotic sensual massage with essential oil

Erotic Essential Oils for Massage

For thousands of years, women have used fragrances and essential oils to entice and seduce men. Cleopatra was famed for her extravagant use of roses to make herself more erotic and desirable to her lovers. An account of Mark Anthony’s visit to Egypt describes how the Egyptian queen ordered her maids to scatter hundreds of rose petals in her chamber, which completely covered the floor. Mark Anthony was said to be so overwhelmed by the scent that by the time he reached Cleopatra’s bed he literally fell into her arms.

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Touch And Smell During Couple Massage

The senses of touch and smell provide the perfect combination for an erotic and sensual experience. Pouring warm oil onto your partner allows your hands to glide smoothly over their skin and explore the contours of their body with long, continuous strokes.

And by using essential oils that soothe and relax, stimulate and arouse, couples can enhance the aphrodisiac effects of a massage blend.

Read the following techniques to give your partner the best erotic massage of their life!

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How to Give a Sensual Massage

Partners in intimacy must rub each other the right way. Intimacy should not be a timed event.

An idea approach to enhanced foreplay is through erotically sensual massage to heighten and arouse the erotic senses for a tour de force in a sexual encounter.

The primary aspect, among sensual massage tips, is to realize and comprehend that such an arousing and intimate experience is to be languorous, lengthy and erotic in nature.

An expansive amount of intimate contact and nudity is inclusive of such a level of eroticism.

Preparation, among the initial sensual massage tips, incorporates a few accessories to accommodate the erotically massage.

Enhance and supply the setting for where intimacy will take place with the following items, as appealing scented candles, incense of a conducive fragrance, CD player, CDs of a romantic variety, clean towels, a clean flat sheet and massage oil of a variety that suits both partners.

Sensual massage tips, in regards to setting the mood and tone, should be adequately arranged. The first tips, among such, are to lock the door, close the blinds or curtains, and turn off cellular phones, phones and pagers, all, in order to provide an uninterrupted environment.

Secondly, within these initial tips, is to prepare the surface, be it a bed, sofa, or actual massage table, for the massage, by providing rolled towels for the purposes of neck and knee rests.

Another option, in this same vein, is to implement extra pillows, slipped into clean cases that will laundry easily.

For the third tip, amid such preparations, is to spread the clean flat sheet over the massage surface, again, whether it is a bed, sofa or massage table, in order to guard against stains from the massage oil.

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In the progression of this type of massage tips, flood the room with sensually enhanced lighting.

Eliminate the use of glaring lights. Use sheer fabrics to drape over accent or floor lamps to set a passionate mood.

Place and light the candles. Set out and light the incense.

Should one not wish to incorporate incense into the scene, a room freshening spray is an acceptable alternative.

Conveniently set out cool water for purposes of hydration. Within handy reach, also set out the massage oil, along with a couple of extra towels for wiping.

Prepare and set up the CD player, with the CDs ready to play.

Lastly, among these preparations in this sequence of this type of massage tips, both partners should shower; shave, as appropriate, and trim nails.

For the following sensual massage tips is to begin with each partner communicating, intimately and passionately, about the erotic connotation of this type of massage.

As a prequel in massage tips to the actual commencement of the massage, being by kissing, touching each other’s face, and gazing into each other’s eyes, all, in order to establish the connecting process.

Proceed then to climbing atop the surface on where the sensually erotic massage will occur.

At this point, the rolled towels and pillows should be arranged to comfortably accommodate each partner.

Amid the preliminary sensual massage tips is to engage in gently and softly stroking one another’s bodies, or, with one partner stroking the other’s body, with only the fingertips. Begin at the back, then slowly progress upwards to the shoulders, and on down along the arms, then to the buttocks, further down to the thighs, and, eventually, all the way to the calves.

Lightness of stroke is the key in this beginning phase of the massage.

Now it is at the point that the sensual massage tips incorporate the usage of the selected massage oil.


A partner, or both partners, if it’s a mutual massage, will pour approximately two tablespoons of the oil into the palm of a hand, and then rub both hands together, in order to evenly distribute the oil, as well as to warm it, for the purpose of massaging.

Again, begin at the back, using long and deep stroking.

At this point, it is necessary for the partner or partners involved to inquire of each other as to the intensity of strokes, to determine if such stroking is too hard or too soft.

It is important to keep the hands in contact with the other partner at all times throughout this stroking process.

Among enhanced this type of massage tips calculate your time amid each and every stroke, and develop a sensitive and rhythmic manner.

Vary the stroking, from gliding long strokes to deep and short strokes.

Types of Erotic Essential Oils

Many erotic essential oils are reputed aphrodisiacs, such as jasmine and rose, while others have a similar effect by releasing tension and anxiety and helping to lower inhibitions, such as rosewood and ylang ylang.

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Selecting Essential Oils For Sensual Massage

The following erotic essential oils are thought to create a mood-enhancing atmosphere with aphrodisiac effects:

jasmine: this night-time fragrance is said to reveal the inner temptress hidden in every woman and its floral scent is surprisingly pleasing to men.

rose: the best known of all aphrodisiacs, this oil has a subtle yet captivating aroma
sandalwood: this sweet woody scent has a seductive allure to both men and women.

ylang ylang: this oil is known to release inhibitions and boost sexual confidence

Essential oils that soothe the emotions and release tension and anxiety are also helpful to sensual massage, such as cedarwood, geranium and neroli, while other oils can produce euphoric effects, such as frankincense and rosewood.

Adding a drop of black pepper, cardamom or ginger to a massage blend helps to spice things up.

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Using Erotic Essential Oils Safely

Always blend a massage oil in a two-percent dilution of essential oil to carrier oil to avoid the possibility of skin reactions or sensation.

This also ensures a subtle rather than overpowering scent. As a guide use the dilutions below:

6 drops essential oil to 15ml carrier oil
8 drops essential oil to 20ml carrier oil
10 drops essential oil to 25ml carrier oil
12 drops essential oil to 30ml carrier oil

The amount of massage oil that is needed will depend on the size of both partners or the body area that is to be massaged, and the absorption factor of a person’s skin.

Some people absorb oil quickly while others absorb oil slower. For men, more oil is often needed because it is absorbed quickly or because it makes it easier to move over hairier areas of the body such as chest and legs.

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Never pour oil onto the hands while holding them above your partner’s face as the oil may drip in their eyes.

If either you or your partner have sensitive skin, patch test the massage blend before use.

Follow the same safety considerations for sensual massage as for aromatherapy massage when using essential oils.

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If you or your partner have any contraindications then seek advice from an aromatherapist before using erotic essential oils during massage.

For women who are pregnant, seek advice from a medical professional before using erotic  essential oils or participating in massage.

As a general rule essential oils should not be used during the first three months of pregnancy, and thereafter only those listed as safe for pregnancy (such as neroli, mandarin and petitgrain) at a one percent dilution.

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy when combined with aromatherapy has wonderful effects in relaxing, stimulating and relieving stress.

Body massage with sweet and exotic essential oils is helpful in making your romantic mood and boosting libido.

Massage can be used in numerous purposes like in weight loss, pain relief and even to control hair loss (through head massage).

Head massage improves blood circulation of the scalp. By massaging the scalp the hair follicles are stimulated and the texture of the hair is also enhanced.

Massage is not only beneficial for the external parts of the body; it also makes our internal organs of the body to work efficiently.

A full body massage helps fight depression, infertility, blood pressure, back problems, diabetes etc. It also boosts our immune system.


*Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.


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