Glutathione – the most important antioxidant in food

We know that antioxidants are among the most beneficial substances in food, fighting free radicals and reducing the risk of cancer. The fact is, however, that some antioxidants are more powerful than others . Glutathione, also known as the “mother of all antioxidants”, is among the few that benefit from each cell of the body and therefore has one of the most powerful general protective effects.

Glutathione can be produced in the body, with the essential amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamine. The greatest advantage of glutathione among most of the other antioxidants is the presence of high-activity sulfur-containing groups in its molecule.

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Glutathione, however, is also one of the most vulnerable antioxidants. It breaks down very quickly under the influence of certain factors such as stress, accumulation of toxins and poor nutrition, and its secretion gradually weakens with age. Therefore, glutathione should be taken extra, and the most natural way to do this is by eating more glutathione-rich foods .

The largest amount of glutathione contains foods rich in sulfur. These include:

Brussels sprouts;

Foods naturally rich in proteins can also serve as a rich source of glutathione because they contain different amino acids from which the body can only synthesize glutathione. Such foods are fish, chicken, beans, and others.

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Regular inclusion of the listed foods in our daily menu will provide us not only a number of other beneficial nutrients but also the most powerful antioxidant – glutathione .

Various studies have shown a very interesting feature regarding the uptake of glutathione from food. It has been shown that there are various factors that disrupt the mechanisms of intake of glutathione in the digestive tract. These factors include sleeping problems and sleep problems. Therefore, in order to achieve an optimal diet effect with increased intake of glutathione, it is necessary to combine it with practices to improve sleep and increase physical activity. The same goes for stimulating the natural ability of the body to synthesize itself glutathione.