Herbs That Erase Anxiety and Ease Depression


Herbs That Help Erase Anxiety And Depression

Unfortunately, many people struggle with anxiety and depression. The most difficult struggle that people face when they are affected by such problems is the public perception around them. Anxiety and depressions are almost never considered as actual mental health issues, and they are often stigmatized by society. This leads people to hide their condition, which in turns, makes it way more difficult to manage and get well.

Thankfully, there are many amazing natural remedies that can ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Herbs and natural ingredients are safe, harmless, delicious and definitely worth a try! Keep reading in order to find out more.



Thyme has a very soothing aroma, which is slightly reminiscent of lavender, but with a more pungent herbal twist. Because of its slightly floral smell and earthy taste, thyme is often considered a warming, calming and delicious herb that can bring a lot of comfort. Try it in a soup, a stew or why not, on a fresh salad or in a hot tea!

Thyme is very versatile, and its distinctive scent is increasingly being implemented in many other applications, transcending its culinary use. For instance, it’s becoming more common to find thyme soaps, shampoos, and skincare products, as well as air-fresheners.



Rosemary is one of the most distinctive spices, and it has often been prized for its comforting, calming effects. It can also infuse many recipes with a lot of flavors. Some people also love to keep fresh rosemary plants close to their living spaces, to benefit from the nice smell! You can also put some rosemary in a steamer, to enjoy a really nice, rustic scent that will make you feel more relaxed, washing the anxiety away.

For some people, rosemary can also have a positive psychological effect, particularly if the smell is linked to an individual’s childhood.

Many olfactive memories, such as the smell of grandma’s cooking from when you were a kid, can provide positive relief and help fight stress and anxiety.

herbal tea


Herbal tea

Herbal tea is flexible and amazing, and it comes in many different varieties. Depending on the specific herbs being mixed together, you can gain many different benefits. Some herbal teas can have an invigorating effect, while some can actually have calming properties that reduce anxiety and depression.



While probably not exactly considered as a herb, chamomile has a notorious soothing quality. Chamomile teas help people sleep better, feel more relaxed and rested.

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The stigma around cannabis is radically changing. Although many people might still see this plant as controversial, many US states and other countries around the world are starting to value the medical benefits of cannabis. Today, it is a sought-after remedy for stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological strain.

Cannabis also has many culinary applications, in the form of edible products, oils, and other products, including hemp seeds and oils that do not have any psychoactive effects.

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Sage is a herb that has long been praised for its soothing aroma, and for its calming effects. It is really amazing as a way to flavor soups, stews, roasted veggies, and meats. The aroma has a very homey, relaxing effects that are often associated with comfort and childhood memories.


Salvia has a rich, earthy aroma that could be described as somewhere in between Rosemary and Thyme. It is very popular in Mediterranean cuisines and it is a staple herb in Italy, France, and Spain.


Try some ravioli, flavored with delicious melted butter and salvia. As you melt the butter along with salvia leaves, you’ll release all the aromas of this amazing herb, giving way to a very comforting, distressing smell. Some people also love to use salvia with home humidifiers or incense burners, spreading the herb’s distinctive calming aroma through their homes.