How Cheat Days Actually Help You Lose Weight

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How Cheat Days Can Help You Lose More Weight

It’s you fourth day of dieting. The first and second day you start out feeling amazing, powerful and almost euphoric! Now you are agitated, irritated and anxious. You have lost your patience and visions of your favorite foods are dancing around your head. Results aren’t showing up and all you want is a tasty piece of cake, chocolate and some other savory item. But your mind is screaming at your not to break your willpower. Resist the temptation, stop beating yourself up and learn how cheat days actually can help you lose weight and win your way to a thinner you.

During a diet many think that just a bite of a cake, chocolate or any sweet you like and crave will kill you. This is because you’ve already set it up in your mind that you’ve failed, thrown in the towel and you may as well give it all up because you have lost your will power.

Or so it seems…

In no time you’ve eaten the whole darn forbidden food and later you blame the weight loss diet for not working. In fact you know the real reason that made the diet fail: indulging your cravings too frequently.

A study revealed that over 60% of all women that go on a diet stop them after 10 days. This is why fad diets that promise quick weight loss are so appealing. Because they know that people get bored easily, yet want immediate results.


However, nutritionists agree that cheat meals can actually help with weight loss. Some nutritionists and diet experts have created a special diet that helps you cheat your way to losing weight and looking sexy.

“If you don’t give yourself permission to indulge sometimes, you’re setting yourself up for failure,” Stephanie said. “On the flip side, by allowing yourself cheat days here and there, you’re setting yourself up for success.” – Pop Sugar.

How the Cheating Diet Works

All week long, from Monday to Friday, you have to respect your diet.

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Make sure your daily meals contain 50% vegetables, 25% low fat proteins and 25% carbohydrates from whole grain products.

Devise a Cheating ‘Plan’

Starting with Saturday to Sunday you can cheat and indulge your cravings. But you have to make sure you don’t go overboard and start binging.

Or it doesn’t have to be the weekend, you can pick a couple of days during the week where you are more active and tend to burn the calories off more.

You can even take notes all week long and write down all the foods you crave. When the weekend comes pull the list out and start indulging every craving found on that list.

During the first 5 days of the week you have to eat 5 times per day: 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

Don’t eat any sugar, white bread products, foods containing saturated fats and alcoholic beverages.

Also you must exercise for 30 minutes per day. That way you will keep your metabolic engine burning high, making your body consume more energy which will make you lose weight.

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This sneaky diet is successful apparently because it doesn’t stretch the human resilience to food cravings to its limit.

The promise of indulging in all the food cravings during the weekend give you a goal to strive for. It is a great way to congratulate yourself for a successful 5 day weight loss diet.

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Give this diet a try. You get to indulge your cravings and lose weight at the same time. What more can you want?

Some people actually find that the first time they may go a bit overboard but then they find that once they know it’s ‘available’ to them they don’t go as crazy and are able to keep their cravings under control.

With these cheat days you will lose weight and detox your body at the same time.

I have been losing weight all my life and I know how hard it is to navigate the turbulent waters of weight loss information and actually doing something with all the information overload.

The one thing that does not work is depriving oneself of ‘forbidden’ foods.

Restrictions on Diet Plans Are Unrealistic

Diet plans have all kinds of restrictions dictating to dieters what they can and can’t eat. As such, dieters are compelled to give up the foods they love, particularly the “unhealthy food,” and try to eat healthy until they lose the weight they want.

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First of all, contrary to what fitness gurus will preach, there is nothing wrong with occasionally eating unhealthy food.

It’s simply the over consumption of unhealthy food that’s a problem and what makes people overweight.

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Nutritionists go on to explain that when you eat a large helping of carbohydrates (we’re looking at you, pizza!), insulin is released in your blood.

Insulin (along with a few helpful neurotransmitters) increases leptin activity in your brain, making you feel satisfied. When you feel full faster, you may actually end up eating fewer calories than you think on cheat days!

While diet plans attempt to get dieters to eat healthy, which by the way are good intentions, in all honestly, diet plans don’t teach people how to eat healthy as part of an overall lifestyle change.

Take for example popular diet plans like the 7 Day Diet, 3 Day Diet, The Carb Lovers Diet, or the Whole30 Diet.

Do these diets really aim to educate dieters on how to eat healthy for life?

Besides, even if dieters were to choose a diet plan that’s “clean”, you know… free of all the unhealthy food, are you really going to avoid eating a slice of cake or a burger with fries for the rest of your life? I think not.

Anything that involves deprivation and is unrealistic doesn’t stand a chance. Hence, my personal belief why dieters should have a diet cheat if they are trying to slim down.


If you can count calories, having a diet cheat day is really not a big deal because the unhealthy foods can be easily calculated and recorded like your other meals for the day.

However, having a diet cheat day is not an excuse to binge in thousands of excess calories and then claim “Oh it’s my cheat day.” Besides you will feel physically terrible afterwards.

As always, unhealthy food, especially foods high in sugar, calories, and fat, should be eaten in moderation if fat loss is the goal.

Ultimately I recommend the intermittent fasting diet for a great jump start platform or the Mediterranean diet for a more practical lifestyle plan.

Shed your weight now and start living a healthier life.