How Do Cannabis Edibles Help You Lose Weight?

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The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of marijuana is getting the ‘munchies’ and wanting to eat potato chips or cookies. What comes into your mind when you think of marijuana edibles? If you thought of brownies or gummies, you have good reason to — many of the edibles at dispensaries come in the form of sweet treats. For the patients who use them, these edibles’ benefits outweigh the risks posed by high levels of sugar and fat. However, you don’t have to choose cannabis edibles in the forms of cookies or candy. There are different types of cannabis edibles and ways to use them that can actually help you lose weight.

The right medical marijuana regimen can support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how cannabis can help you lose weight — and how even the right edibles can promote weight loss.

“Smoking pot and the munchies go hand-in-hand – so it must lead to weight gain, right? Not necessarily, according to a new study published in The American Journal of Medicine: The research finds that people who use marijuana actually tend to have smaller waistlines. ” – Women’s Health

How Does Marijuana Help With Losing Weight?

Did you know regions with legalized medical marijuana have a lower risk of obesity in their populations? According to a November 2015 study, medical marijuana legalization triggers a two to six percent reduction in the affected population’s probability of obesity.

The authors noticed a difference in behavior changes between younger and older subjects. Older people used medical marijuana to relieve symptoms that inhibited their mobility, letting them become more active. Meanwhile, younger individuals drank less alcohol, so they consumed fewer calories that came from alcoholic drinks.

Here are some reasons behind why marijuana can actually help you lose weight.

  • Supports an Active Lifestyle: You can use cannabis medicine to supplement your workouts in many ways. When medical marijuana relieves symptoms like pain, it becomes easier to do physical activity. Sativa-based medications also give you a burst of energy that helps you get moving. Marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties also let your muscles heal after intense exercise.
  • Reduces Stress and Depression: Mood symptoms like anxiety and depression can result in weight gain. These conditions can lead to binge eating and a reduction in physical activity, raising your risk of gaining weight. Cannabis medicine improves your mood so you can practice healthy habits.
  • Controls Blood Sugar: When you have high blood sugar, your cells can develop insulin resistance. They stop using glucose for energy, putting you at risk for diabetes and weight gain. Medical marijuana reduces the inflammation associated with insulin resistance to help you metabolize sugar.


You can use cannabis medicine as part of a healthy lifestyle to help you lose weight. Edibles can also help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Medical Marijuana, CBD and Appetite

Some patients who take medical marijuana report an increase in appetite. People give this phenomenon the colloquial name “the munchies,” and it often becomes the target of marijuana-related jokes.

However, when you want to lose weight, it can feel like a serious issue. If you want to use cannabis medicine while keeping your appetite in check, you can change your treatment plan.

Evidence suggests that the THC in marijuana triggers hunger — however not every type of cannabis medicine contains THC and there are varying levels of it contained in different strains.

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The knowledge we have about cannabinoids seems to show that CBD doesn’t have this impact on your appetite.

Some sources claim that it can increase your hunger, and others argue that it suppresses appetite.

There is not much evidence suggesting that a medication high in CBD increases hunger. If cannabis medicine makes you hungry, try a medication high in CBD.

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CBD Gummies

What Edibles Should I Eat to Support My Weight Loss?

Now that you understand how you can use edibles to assist with losing weight, you can learn about the types of edibles to eat. As with any type of food, eating sweet edibles in moderation won’t interfere with your diet. However, you may need inspiration for edibles to eat instead of the usual baked goods.

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You can use marijuana oil, butter or flour to enhance the food in your pantry and fridge. We will categorize our recommendations by the three benefits mentioned earlier in this article.

1. For Physical Activity

If you plan to use edibles to supplement your exercise, you have plenty of options to try. Boosting your diet with nutrients like fiber, protein, and vitamins gives you the energy for a successful workout. Try eating one of these delicious snacks as a pre-workout snack:

  • Infused nut butter on whole-grain bread or as a dip for fruit
  • A fruit smoothie made from yogurt, your favorite fruit and cannabis medicine
  • Whole-grain crackers dipped in infused hummus or guacamole

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Remember to maintain a weight-loss diet that keeps you energized and healthy. If you find yourself getting exhausted or sick from cutting back on food, try adding more calories back to your diet.

2. For Depression and Anxiety

A diet meant to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms has much in common with a diet for exercise. Increasing your intake of healthy carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin D and Vitamin B can kickstart your mind and mood.

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These edibles can help you feel calmer and happier, so you can focus on your weight loss strategy:

  • Spinach salad with dressing infused with flaxseed, fish oil and cannabis oil
  • Oatmeal with fruit, supplemented with a cannabis tincture or oil
  • Low-fat yogurt with fruit and marijuana oil

Remember to consult with your doctor when using cannabis medicine for mood disorders. You can work together to find a solution that improves your symptoms.

3. For Controlling Blood Sugar

When you plan a diet to manage your blood sugar, you find foods that keep your blood sugar levels even. Foods high in fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants can help you reach your goal.

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You can also look up the glycemic index of the foods you want to add to your diet. Try these infused meals:

  • Infused egg salad on whole-grain bread
  • Fish tacos with whole-grain tortillas and infused salsa
  • Mashed sweet potatoes with added marijuana oil or tincture

A physician can help you find even more foods that keep your blood sugar at steady levels.

Develop a Marijuana-Positive Weight Loss Strategy Today

As you can see, you can eat many kinds of foods infused with Cannabis as part of a weight-loss plan. Make an appointment with a cannabis-friendly doctor to develop a strategy that fits your needs.

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How cannabis edibles help you lose weight