How to Achieve Weight Loss and Body Confidence With this Proven Technique

take back your power
Take Back Your Power

How to Use EFT Tapping To Lose Weight Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible

Excessive weight is a problem that affects millions of people throughout the world. To many of them, this isn’t just an obvious health concern, but it is also a source of depression, anxiety, and stress. Many overweight people struggle with health problems and if it wasn’t enough, there is a lot of negativity from within themselves and their society. If you tried and tried to lose weight, but always failed to achieve good results with traditional approaches, you’d be delighted to know that there is actually another option. This might indeed be the solution that works for you, and no, it’s not yet another fad diet! This technique has more to do with the emotional side of weight management, and it might open up your mind with an empowering solution.

feel empowered in your body
Feel Empowered in Your Body

This remarkable technique is known as EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. This innovative solution has been making headlines recently, as more and more people are starting to learn about its incredible power, and its person-centric approach.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), more commonly known as Tapping, is an innovative and holistic treatment that targets the root cause of weight gain. Continue reading to discover how EFT can help you to lose weight quickly and more efficiently than you ever thought was possible!

What is EFT?

Let’s get started with the basics. Although the name might sound quite modern, EFT has been around for centuries. In fact, it is an ancient Chinese technique, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

EFT uses acupressure to treat psychological conditions and help a person declutter their mind to remove mental blocks, which might be linked with weight gain. It is not just great for weight management.

In fact, EFT for weight loss can be used for both physical and emotional problems and its power has been known for well over 5,000 years. Now, it is being used as an effective, gentle, and non-invasive weight loss approach.

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How does it work?

Tapping targets energy points in your body that may be causing your emotional problems. Our life energy flows freely through these points and if these passages become blocked, the clutter can cause a range of problems, which can manifest in many different ways, ranging from physical conditions to mental problems and emotional blocks.

Tapping begins with the individuals choosing an emotional statement or issue. Once they have chosen the statement, they then need to measure the intensity of it on a scale from 0 – 10.

After this, they create a positive version of this negative statement. An example would be, “Even though I am depressed about my weight, I feel positive that I will make changes in the future.” Next, comes the Tapping part.

Simply, the person taps on their meridian points to allow the energy points to unclog, open up, and get the energy moving again! After this, it’s time to re-assess the intensity level of the original statement.

If there’s no change in the intensity level, go through the whole procedure again. At times, the process might require a lot more than one pass, but don’t get discouraged, as this is perfectly normal.

The goal of this therapeutic session is to help you find relief in your negative feelings and thoughts.

This is an effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Which will leave you room to lose weight and make a positive change in your life.

take back your power
Take Back Your Power


How can EFT help me?

EFT helps people begin their weight loss journey. It creates the right conditions for this life-changing path, by facilitating a natural balance within the body.

There’s no point starting a diet or an exercise routine until you target weight gain at its root cause.

Mental and emotional well being is inextricably linked to our body. If our emotional state is unbalanced we have no chance at making positive changes for our body. Tapping helps people to relax instantly, reduced chronic pain and helps ease anxiety and depression.

By unlocking the energy points in your body, you might be able to improve your mental and physical state, as described earlier, not to mention tackle your weight gain at its emotional root.

Weight gain is often caused by stress and anxiety, more often than we may think. In fact, there are many people who are quite careful about what they eat, and always try to keep balanced nutrition.

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Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

In spite of that, they still find themselves consistently gaining weight! Our stress hormones can sometimes cause our body to store fat. Think of it like our ancient ancestors. In times of drought, war, or poverty their bodies would be in “stress mode.”

They would then subconsciously start to store fat to survive through this time. Just like a squirrel that collects nuts through summer to survive the harsh winter conditions. Our bodies still do this today.

In particular, our modern world is full of stressors that we’ve never had before. This means that our bodies automatically go into this ancient “stress mode” and begin to store fat to help us to survive.

Chronic stress is becoming more and more common. Our body automatically goes into a “famine state” and signals our mind to eat more food. The effect of primitive biology on our body when mixed with modern society is affecting lives all around the world.

We are just starting to understand how these “stress modes” and “famine state” is an underlying factor to our current obesity epidemic.

In conclusion, EFT can definitely change the way you look at your weight management issue and give you a different perspective. Tapping is easy to try, and it doesn’t have risks or side effects, so it’s definitely worth it to give it a try. This might just be the perfect fit for you!

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Achieve weight loss and body confidence with EFT tapping