How to fight cracked heels?

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Cure for Dry Cracked Heels

Dead skin from cracked heels can be removed with one of the most popular tools -pumice. It is necessary to pre-soak the feet in warm water to soften the dead skin. Then pumping with the pumice becomes easy and fast. Finally, apply a moisturizing and softening cream.

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To fight the dry heels, copper can also be used. It contains vitamin C and B, which moisturizes the dry skin and makes it soft. Honey is a natural product suitable for hydrating the skin. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and, in addition to moisturizing the heels, retains moisture in the skin. Honey can also help speed up wound healing.

Coconut oil is another natural tool for cracked stairs, as it also moisturizes the skin and provides antifungal and antibacterial properties.

How to Make Your Own Coconut Butter

It can also add paraffin wax , which will not only remove the hard skin but also lock the moisture into it. The combination of the two ingredients can be made in the form of a paste to soften the cracks of the feet to remove imperfections.

Milk is extremely useful for hydrating the skin as it prevents moisture loss. It contains lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid and vitamin A, which help maintain healthy skin. Soaking the legs in milk, gives the skin softness and strength and provides nutrients that heal the skin cells on the heel.

English salt is also a great way to remove dead skin from your feet. It successfully removes toxins from the skin while promoting circulation. The English salt contains mainly magnesium and sulphate, which are easily absorbed by the skin. Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that reduces inflammation and sulphate removes toxins.

Cracking of the legs may result from dry skin, obesity, eczema , psoriasis, skin thickening, cold weather, and dehydration products.

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