How to Keep a Long Distance Love Affair Alive on Valentine’s Day & Beyond

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How To Survive A Long Distance Love Affair Over Valentine’s Day and Beyond

If you’re significant other is far away this Valentines Day check out this guide on keeping the romance alive in your relationship and your sanity in check!

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day on the calendar. However, if your partner isn’t there to shower you with chocolates, flowers, affection and romantic treats it can become a bit of a downer to see everyone else reveling in all the cuddles and romance at every turn. Here are our top ways to keep the spark alive and actually have fun on Valentines.


Make plans with close friends.

First off the best way to survive a Valentine’s Day without your love interest is to make plans with your besties. Grab a special meal together, catch up over coffee, or go see the latest flick at your local cinema. And for god’s sakes not a love story! Anything to keep your mind off your far-away SO! A lot of friends also exchange Valentines Day cards and small gifts to each other. If you play an instrument or sing, make arrangements to have a jam session at a club or your local nursing home and make some others happy with your music.

Work out together and get fit! Your endorphins will be singing and your abs will thank you.

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To take the focus off yourself and your long-distance drama, focus on making them an amazing gift to say thank you, I love you. There are all kinds of love to be grateful for on Valentines Day!

Send love letters in the mail

Take advantage of the romantic side of a long distance relationship and send a special love letter or even poems in the mail to your special one. This will give an old fashioned and romantic touch to the occasion. You can also add a polaroid of the both of you together, a hot pic of yourself (lest they forgot what a catch you are!), collage or image book for an extra sweet finish to keep the both of you top of mind.

Set aside private time to talk

Whether you prefer to Face time, Skype or talking on the phone, set aside some time in your busy day to have a proper catch-up. This isn’t something that you will want to rush through, so make sure you’re both available for a decent amount of time without interruptions.

Nothing can make you feel more alone when you can’t get a hold of your loved one when you need to, so make sure you plan this one well in advance.

You could even have a little ‘one on one’ love-making facetime session if you’re both in the mood. Now that’s keeping things spicy!

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Flower delivery

Depending upon where they are located, flowers are always lovely of course. Unless she hates them! Which some women do! Are you disappointed that you won’t receive or give flowers this year for V-day? Well don’t be. If you can’t send or won’t be receiving flowers there is no shortage of other amazing gifts that can be given across the internet.

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If know any single Mom’s this list has some great ideas for her:

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Send your partner a gift with a personal message attached. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and it will mean the world to them to know that they’re always on your mind. It’s the little things that count.

Remember, forgetting is a huge no no! There’s simply no excuse. So unless you want to break up this Valentine’s Day, don’t do it!

Set aside your own V-day

If you’re due to see your partner pretty soon after Valentine’s Day it may be a good idea to postpone your celebrations. This will make it all the more special and unique. Book in for a special dinner or make a reservation at a cozy and romantic bed and breakfast.

The secret to a long lasting relationship is to splurge a little and treat yourselves. A long distance relationship is a great excuse to live it up for the short time you get to see each other. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And think of how incredible your time will be when you do finally set eyes on your loved one and get to hold them in your arms once again!

Besides, creating your own special Valentines Day? What could be more romantic than that!

These are just a few survival tips to make it through Valentine’s Day or any time. Just remember this is a holiday designed to sell candy and other commercial items! You love your partner all throughout the year not just this one day right?

Just remember that you’re lucky to have someone that you love and cherish in your life no matter where in the world they may be and that is a lot more than a lot of people in the world might have:)

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