How to Keep The Flames Sizzling in Your Relationship

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How to keep the fires sizzling and never run out of love and excitement in your life!
Love, respect, and communication are the foundations of a healthy and functional relationship. Yet, it’s always a good idea to keep some tricks up your sleeve to add a dash of unexpected excitement. To make sure that you keep the spice in your relationship, follow these simple steps below. Your partner will not see them coming and life will be full of unpredictable surprises!

Break out of your routine

The major killer for spontaneous romance is routine. If you and your loved one have work, family, and social commitments, it can be difficult to keep the excitement alive. Why do some people lean towards affairs? Honestly, it’s because they’re exciting and they make you feel alive and add an edge of danger to your life.

You need to make an extra effort to break out of your repetitive schedule and organize something special with your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic date, a weekend away, or an afternoon nookie session in the car after the movies. The important thing is to break out of your routine and do something different.

The simple things mean the most

When it comes to romance, simple is best. A bouquet of fabulous flowers (the kind she loves not the kind you do), you can give him flowers too btw!, a romantic dinner or catching a movie at the cinema is a great way to keep the fun in a relationship. These ideas may seem cliché but they really do work. Just remember that a bunch of flowers is nice on an anniversary (please celebrate yours and don’t make the fatal mistake of forgetting!)but hand picked ones are extra special on just an ordinary day. And it’s ok to go out of the box and do something different!

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The idea is to treat your partner for absolutely no reason at all. Pick up their dry cleaning, go out of your way to do something special just for them. No matter what it is you want to show them that you love them and you are always thinking of them. If you make an effort to make their lives easier that is a huge example of how much you love them.

Men need to be appreciated, supported and admired and trusted. Women need to be cared for, respected, reassured and understood. People need loving attention. We have to recognize the differences between us to understand what the other person needs. If you fulfill your partners needs they will be happy and want to reciprocate.

Remember the book the 5 Languages of Love? Every person perceives love differently. You have to determine how your partner accepts love and give it to them accordingly in order for them to receive it from you whole heartedly.

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It takes some effort, no one said it would be easy, but it can be if it becomes second nature and you learn how your lover accepts love. The more you put in the more you will get out of it.

Spend time together. Turn off the T.V, put down your phones, rub each other down, do things together and talk. Talk about things that don’t matter. Have fun, be light and silly together. Partake in things that may seem meaningless but may reveal huge aspects of one another that you never knew.

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Too much seriousness will obviously take its toll. Life is full of serious topics. Be affectionate. Hold hands, cuddle. Don’t sit on separate sofas, don’t go upstairs to play video games or watch politics and leave your partner alone after a whole day apart. Be together. Be considerate. Make your life a little easier by helping just a bit more.

Make loving gestures, they don’t have to be huge. A cup of tea in bed, a little foot massage, watch football with your spouse even if you hate it.  Get up with the kids and help with their activities so your partner can rest and re charge their batteries.

Tell them you love them and make physical displays of affection. A soft touch, a gesture, a soft look here and there, a loving text message out of the blue when you’re busy can make all the difference.

Wasn’t there a time when you once made those efforts?

But more than that show them when you’re in their presence.

Always respect each other. Speak in a respectful tone. Respect each others feelings, wants, needs, wishes, opinions and space. Never put them down in front of others or play games and always avoid making them feel guilty. Never speak in a condescending tone.

Helping your partner feel better about themselves will have a major effect on your relationship. Keep your criticism to yourself and don’t lay blame. We all have faults.

Don’t ever let the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse enter your relationship:

  • resentment
  • criticism
  • defensiveness
  • stonewalling

Because once they do, your relationship is very hard to bring back to life.

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Smile at each other. Take time to look at your partner with smiling eyes when they walk through the door. Stop everything and show them you are pleased to see them before all else and be in their presence.

Trust them. Open up to them and be yourself around them.

Eat your meals together, and go to bed at the same time. Not every single night but often enough. Show them that you want to be near them.

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Pay them compliments, a compliment goes a long way. Always put them first. Even before the children. If you do this your children will follow and respect your strong grounded family and your families values. Even if it is a blended family.

Never speak negatively about your partner. In front of them or behind their back. Always be their #1 supporter, best friend and have their back.

There is nothing sexier than that.

On a budget?

Financial stress is one of the major burdens in a relationship. There is nothing like money issues to take the excitement out of life. We’re taught that most romantic treats cost money. But this really isn’t so!

So when you want to treat your significant other but don’t have the money to wine and dine them on the town it may cause you stress. Fortunately, there are many creative ideas to keep the flame alive on a budget. Someone who truly loves you will appreciate these efforts.

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Keep Fantasies Alive

Some people think that sexual fantasies are bad. That cannot be further from the truth. Most fantasies are made when we think of how we’d like lovemaking to be or how it can be enhanced for the one we love.

Fantasies can help heighten your arousal, and make sex more enjoyable for you – thus, motivating you to make it more enjoyable for your spouse. Love making is a two way street and when your partner knows how they can satisfy you, they are more satisfied themselves.

Nudge your spouse about their fantasies. This can be embarrassing to some people, but try to. When you find out theirs, you can do a few things to make them come true. Even if you can’t, they will love the fact that you love them enough to try. This in turn opens up emotional connections therefore making you two even closer.

There are many other ways to spice up your love life with your spouse. The most important thing is to get to know each other again. Talk about what you both like, and don’t like. Sharing your fantasies with each other will open up a whole new experience for you both. Doing little things like these will get you both excited about your love life again. And you will always have a little unanticipated sizzle to look forward to.

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Design a gift certificate for a free massage from you.

Not only is this romantic and spontaneous, but it will be a huge stress reliever for your partner. Light a scented candle, put on their favorite music, and spoil them with essential oils and moisturizing cream. They will appreciate your gestures beyond words.

Another idea is to run your loved one a bubble bath before they get home with candles, a nice glass of wine and some relaxing music. Not with the idea to join them, but just for them to be alone and indulge in.

It will be spontaneous, unexpected, and deeply romantic. Another way to spice up your love life is to cook their absolute favorite meal and take it to a nearby park with a picnic blanket. You won’t be spending any extra money but you will make the day special and romantic. It’s the time and effort you put in that is most appreciated and remembered.

These are just some ideas to keep the flame and sizzle alive in your love life. Use these as inspiration to create a touching memory that you will both remember forever and your love life will never get boring;)

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