How to Keep Your Sex Life Magnificent

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How to Keep Your Sex Life Magnificent

Benefits of sexual intimacy

Sex is a natural and integral part of all humans and animals, forming the base for procreation and continuation of their race. Talking about us humans, sex is not only a union of two bodies but also of two souls. The act is not only a way to explore each other’s bodies but also their inner self.

Sex is certainly an intimate and pleasurable act and is vitally important to your overall well-being and strength of your relationship. When it comes to physical benefits of sex, people who are sexually active experience lowered blood pressure, improved heart health, increase in muscle strength, reduction in calories, and increase in libido.

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Sexual intimacy is beneficial to both males and females, with many of them showing a stronger immune system, improved sleep quality, and headache relief along with the ones mentioned above. As such, satisfying sex life is what we all should be aiming at to experience the beauty of companionship and love.

How to make sex amazingly satisfying? 

Irrespective of whether it’s your first time or the hundredth time, you should know that sex is two-way traffic. Both you and your partner should have a satisfying experience. Here are a few tips to follow to make sex amazing for both of you:

  • Have an open talk about sex

As years pass by, it’s natural for one or both of you to get drawn into the rat race for survival. We get so involved in the humdrum of routine life that we forget about our partner’s needs. Sex and emotional intimacy often take a downturn in such situations, causing negative feelings like loneliness and depression.

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The key is to have open communication about sex with your partner. Both of you should talk about each other’s likes and dislikes in bed. Be very frank with your partner. It’s all about going back to the time when both of you left nothing hidden from each other.


  • Get moving together

Having a good sex life does not mean you sweat together only in bed. You also need to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily life to boost your power in bed; deriving general benefits for your overall health. So, why not share some time together working out?

Exercising gives you quality time together and releases happiness hormones that translate into better sex. You must consider doing Kegel exercises which give a complete workout to your pelvic muscles. Not only does it lower incontinence but also boosts your sex life tremendously.


  • Take your own time

Some people experience their sex life fading because they do it too often. Sex can just become another chore if it’s difficult to find time for it between hectic schedules. They key is to go with the natural flow and take your own time before jumping into bed with your partner. Instead of taking sex as a chore, do it at a time when you are best prepared physically and emotionally.


It’s not always necessary that more sex equates to more happiness. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for both partners to wait for the right time. You should take out time for sex, but not so that you lose the spontaneity and passion.

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  • Do your chores together

If you and your partner live together, whether married or otherwise, both of you may have responsibilities towards the house. Doing household chores like cleaning the living room, getting things in order, and doing the dishes proves enjoyable when you are accompanied by somebody.


Wondering how does it help your sex life? Well, best foreplays happens outside the bedroom. When both of you work together, you get time to come close to each other. It’s all about making your partner feel valued. Moreover, the quicker you are done with household chores, the more time both of you get in bed.

  • Compliment each other

Everyone likes compliments, and getting them from your sexual partner is all the more rewarding and motivating. You may be attracted to different physical features—eyes, lips, hips or legs—of your partner. But that liking doesn’t help much until you express it and act on it.

Take the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies and show how much you love your partner for who they are. Slipping in small complements into your interaction in bed will surely increase sexual desire. This is enough to make both of you want more of each other.

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  • Eat the right foods

Most of you may not realize, but your sex life is hugely dependent on what you eat. Poor and unhealthy food choices can lower your sex drive and energy levels, thereby pushing down your performance in bed. Eating carb-rich and fatty foods lead to weight gain, which can affect your heart and self-esteem negatively.

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If you are wondering what to eat for better sex, then you should consider foods that increase your libido. Fresh vegetables and fruits, proteins and whole grains are essential dietary ingredients for better sex life. You can even consider treats like red wine and chocolates which are packed with libido-boosting polyphenols.


  • Lower your alcohol consumption

Drinking a glass of wine occasionally is seen to boost sexual desire, but drinking excess of it, or any other form of alcohol, can be detrimental to your sexual health. Some people are of the notion that “high sex” is fun, but it’s not always the case in reality. Excessive alcohol consumption is linked to an increase in anxiety, which can be a big turn-off during sex.

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Alcohol is also seen to impair your decision-making and attention skills, which can make it harder to have safe sex. Most importantly, excessive alcohol depresses your nervous system, making it difficult to respond to sexual stimuli and makes sex less enjoyable.


  • Stop smoking

You may have heard the advice to quit smoking time and again. But have you been successful? Some people do manage to quit the habit in pursuit of better sex life. Several studies have concluded that smoking negatively impacts your vitality and may lead to decreased sperm count and impotence in men.


Another reason why you should quit smoking is that tobacco is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it reduces the flow of blood by narrowing your blood vessels. Poor blood circulation is one of the reasons why many people face sexual health issues. So, it’s recommended you quit smoking to make sex more pleasurable.


  • Get into each other

Work stress, kids, and financial issues can be a downer for people. Most people take these issues to their bedroom and ring them in their minds even while having sex. Doing so is not only displeasing but also unfair because your partner isn’t getting the attention they deserve.

To have the most pleasurable sexual experience, you should keep all your work and family issues outside your bedroom. While having sex, focus just on your partner. He or she would desire a complete ‘you’ in bed. So make sure you don’t let any of your mundane problems get between you both when in bed together.

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  • Try something new

Some people have fixed sexual preferences, and they wish to stick to them always. You may also like certain things more than the rest, but it’s always good to try something new in bed. Sexual preferences are fluid, and you may indulge in consensual acts of pleasure. This makes sexual intimacy more fun and exciting for both you and your partner.

Have you ever tried it underwater or someplace new? Have you done it on holiday? If no, then perhaps you should now. It’s never too late to rekindle your sexual relationship and look at it from a new vantage point. You can even consider sex toys if you haven’t before and make the experience different and pleasurable like never before.

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The above are just a few of the many ways in which you can make sex more pleasurable and satisfying. But it’s extremely important to take care of your sexual health at the same time. You should always practice safe sex using condoms and contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs.

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