How to Stop Biting Your Nails for Good

Nail biting
Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Discover some of the most unpleasant and yucky things that happen when you bite your nails.

How many of us will absentmindedly bite their nails on a daily basis? This can be an annoying habit, and admittedly a pretty gross one. If you struggle to stop doing it, maybe this article could be the deterrent you need. Keep reading to learn more about some of the grossest things that happen when you bite your nails!

Biting your nails (also known by its technical name, “onychophagia,” is actually quite common, and it is considered a strong sign of emotional imbalance in men and women alike.

Many people tend to bite their nails when they feel nervous, stressed out or anxious, and it’s a physical manifestation of an underlying mental state. Having said that, biting your nails can lead to some unpleasant situations.

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If you managed to rip off a significant chunk of your nail, you’ll leave your underlying skin more vulnerable and exposed to bacteria and pathogens (even the ones who live in your mouth!) This can lead to infection, redness, pain and even pus.

Saliva can also cause inflammation, and damage soft skin tissue, such as the one that is found under the fingernails.

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In turn, your fingers are also often quite dirty, with millions upon millions of bacteria living under your nails. The average person also has a significant amount of fecal matter under their fingernails, no matter how often you wash your hands. Do you really want to put that stuff right there in your mouth?

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In addition to that, biting your nails constantly might eventually lead to teeth issues. In particular, you could damage the sockets that host the roots of your teeth if you bite your nails hard too often, or even cause your teeth to become crooked. In some cases, biting your nails could also cause micro-fractures in your teeth, which in turn, can contribute to gum disease, gingivitis, and facilitate cavities among others.


If you’re still not convinced, there’s more! Biting your nails frequently can lead to a lot of other nasty problems, ranging from spreading infectious warts and herpes to your face, down to nasty-looking ingrown nails and other deformities, which might stem from relentless daily nail-biting!

The best way to fight the dentition of biting your nails is definitely to cut them short and maintain them as frequently as possible. This is all a great thing to do for your overall cleanliness since there are many gross things that might linger under your nails.

If you think that biting your nails is almost impossible to give up, try wearing gloves as a deterrent! This might be an easy way to start and you can remove the gloves a few days or weeks into your journey.

Or, you can also try a special nail polish that is very effective in breaking the nail biting habit. It has a bitter taste which can prevents you from wanting to bite your nails. Before you know it your nails will be strong and long again!

In most cases, some genuine willpower and motivation will get you there and help you get rid of your bad nail biting habit, once and for all!

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