How To Train When You Do Not Have a Lot of Time?

morning exercise

There are people who have a busy schedule. They eat on their feet – mostly harmful foods because they do not have time for lunch, they are always in a hurry and happy at the end of the day if they can get home before 20 to spend some time on their relatives. There is no place for sports in their schedule.

Motion and live snacking leads to overweight, laziness and low mood. If you do not have enough free time to go out for a gym or some other activity, think about how to otherwise do sports.

Here are five effective ways to move and follow some form, even if you are more busy:

1. Training in front of the TV

You probably have no patience to get home after a hard day’s work. You usually take a beer and eat abundantly to make up for the omission during the day. However, this approach is wrong. Do something light, like salad. Dine and sit on the couch to watch TV. Once your food is down and rest, try to do some intense exercise – squats, stretches, abdominal presses. You will be surprised at how nice it is to train against the background of your favorite TV show. In addition, you make your time so useful, rather than tread with chips or other harmful foods.

2. Walk more often

If your office is far away, you can not walk every day. Nevertheless, do not get used to driving by car. If you have to shop or go somewhere at noon, use your feet as intended, do not sit back behind the wheel.

Walking is useful for the heart and helps burning calories. Climb the stairs more often in the block and office, forget about all elevators and escalators.

3. Highlight intensive training

Studies have shown that lack of time is a major cause of irregular training. People who want to achieve something with their body and are motivated for success will find a way as long as they want.

Emphasize short, but intensive interval training. You can spend 30 minutes of your lunch break or 30-40 minutes before work to do so. Rotate high and low intensity exercises or high intensity and short breaks. For example, skip up the stairs to the 4th floor, then slowly down and breathe deeply. Increasing the intensity reduces the duration of the workout and vice versa. During exercise, the level of certain hormones increases and the metabolism increases.

4. Train with weights once a week

Sometimes the lack of time and the desire to achieve good results lead to overloading. Do not combine too many different exercises in one day at the expense of another. Stick to spending less time on the move every day.

Once a week, pick up dumbbells or other weights to crack the muscles. Making 2-3 series of 15 holes at 1-2 kilograms for healthier biceps and triceps. You can combine them with push-ups to load more muscle groups.