Kiss More – It’s Useful For Your Health!

The International Day of Kissing was created in 2006. It is celebrated with various events by all lovers and those who are still looking to find love. There are a number of different ways to “give” a kiss to people who are important to us without having to be romantic. Apart from a pleasant activity, there are also curative effects .

Here are 5 Benefits of Health Kissing:

1. Increases immunity

Kissing has long been seen as a way to strengthen body defense. A recent study, published in Medical Hypotheses, shows that this activity creates protective antibodies against cytomegalovirus away from the immune system and protects against the dangerous effect of infection with this virus during pregnancy. It can cause blindness and other birth defects if the woman meets with him for the first time during wear of the fetus.

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2. Helps to choose the best partner

Of the twelve nerves surrounding our skull, five are collected from and to the mouth. They send signals of the strongest feelings. And when you kiss somebody, you can really “hear” it, “see” it and “feel it”. So the kiss is a kind of profound ad about who you are, what you want and what you can give. Other researchers note that kissing is the way in which genetic compatibility between humans can be determined.

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3. Burns some calories

It is believed that kissing burns from 2 to 6 calories per minute. Not as much as the treadmill in the hall but enough to burn up the accumulated calories of half a glass of wine. This is a good reason to kiss more often, right?

4. Strengthens the muscles of the face

Tight belly or thighs without cellulite may be ahead of our list, but we should not underestimate the facial muscles exercises that we stimulate through the movements of the mouth. Researchers say that during kissing we use 30 muscles.

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5. Soothes us

Studies show that kissing increases the levels of oxytocin, the natural calming hormone, also called the “hormone of love”. The kiss also stimulates the production of endorphins that contribute to our sense of happiness, and also to dopamine that contributes to romantic bonding.

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