Lose Your Belly Fat Fast Without Exercise

How to Lose Your Belly Fat Fast

What You CAN Do To Lose Belly Fat I know what you are probably thinking at this point and I now have you completely depressed. I’m going to tell you how to lose that belly fat you hate and have been trying to get rid of without exercise.

It is very possible to lose belly fat in South Florida and weight without exercise (although its still good for you), and you do not have to follow a strict diet. This is a special diet that improves the body’s digestive system and forces it to burn a lot of fat quickly.

The foods you eat during this process (2 weeks) are the same foods you enjoy eating, excluding fast foods. By following the guidelines below in South Florida you will make your body burn tons of belly fat and lose weight quickly.

If you implement these methods I’m about to discuss, you will begin to notice your mid-section decreasing in size and belly fat will slowly melt off, the right way. When you take fat off the right way, it’s less likely to return. The idea is to create control and then maintain that control.

Keep in mind that this is not a “quick-fix” and you will not see results overnight. Sorry, but I speak the truth.

What you can expect is:
Continual belly fat loss over the course of several weeks or more.

  • To have less cravings
  • Feel the changes as well as see them
  • To increase your health and self-esteem

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Lose Belly Fat Rule #1

Detox your body and organs. Studies show that a body that’s been purged of impurities functions better than one loaded down with toxins. Cleaning your intestinal track is the first step to good health in Florida.

Lose Belly Fat Rule #2

Clean up your eating habits. The eating rules are to eat natural food derived from the earth. Eat a small balanced meal every 3 hours. Taper off complex carbs toward the end of the day. Doing these small, yet effective dietary changes will purge your body of toxins to allow the nutrients to be utilized and it will also boost your metabolic rate.

Lose Belly Fat Rule #3

Drink water. If you already drinking water, drink more. Water is vitally necessary in toxin removal as well as getting fat moving and flushing it out of the body.

Lose Belly Fat Rule #4

You have to eat during the same times everyday. This has to continue for at least 2 weeks which will make body get used to digesting foods at certain times.

The body is amazing at adapting itself to changes and if the body knows when to expect food then it will digest it better thus allowing your metabolism to increase. Again this trains the body to work like a machine that will NOT FALTER.

If you eat during random periods of the day the body is not used to digesting foods and can be overwhelmed with other problems.

The key is to let your body focus primarily on one function (digestion). The better its focus, the better it digests!

Lose Belly Fat Rule #5

It is extremely important that you eat MORE than 3 FULL meals a day in Florida. These meals can consist of your favorite foods too excluding fast foods once again.

This method sounds strange but works in the opposite way of what most people may think.

Eating more than 3 FULL meals a day allows the body to process foods as a whole which is key.

This allows the body to complete digestion in one procedure. The result is faster metabolism and faster fat burn.

Many of today’s foods in Florida are very processed and are very difficult for the body to digest.

Because this is evident, when people eat, they have a high probability of not digesting fully. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are constipated and bloated.

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Think of your digestive system as a clogged drain. It used to be unclogged but you kept pouring sticky substances into it (Your digested food) and some of it would stick and not go through the pipe.

As you kept pouring more sticky substances, some of it would get stuck to the older substances that dried up and increase the mass, clogging the drain even more. That is one of the main causes in weight gain in Florida.

It also slows down metabolism and increases belly fat. Thus your digestive system is clogged and needs to be unclogged!

Again you can fix that problem by eating more than 3 times a day which will help the food being digested to remove older undigested foods in your body. When you eat a full meal it passes through your intestinal tract and scrapes away old undigested food.

This will clean up your digestive system, improve metabolism, and burn a lot of fat at the same time! This technique works wonders!

And by combining a fixed schedule into this method, consuming more than 3 full meals a day when implemented correctly helps the body work on automatic pilot and burn tons of belly fat!

However this method’s potential can be multiplied 5 times by a special technique called calorie shifting.

With it you can burn an enormous amount of fat, thus losing a lot of weight very quickly!

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