Magnolia Bark: Your Go-To Herb For Sleep & Anxiety

For a considerable length of time, magnolia bark has been utilized as a quieting characteristic cure—and all things considered. Because of magnolia’s rest advancing, push lessening properties, these antiquated applications have an intense place in current wellbeing hones, as well. The bark of Magnolia oficinalis has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to address anxiety and nervous tension and to promote sleep. Some researchers believe that these effects are due to honokiol, a natural compound in the bark. With that being said there are certain ‘side effects’ that some people can experience when taking magnolia bark as well. (scroll down to bottom of post). As always consult with your doctor before starting any new herbal regiment independently.

“I am a major fanatic of magnolia for rest,” says Michael Breus, Ph.D., a board-confirmed rest authority. “It fills in as a nervousness reducer, and a few of my patients have remarked to me that it causes them ‘to kill their mind.'”

Its capacity to ‘kill the cerebrum’ (or if nothing else quiet it down) has benefits past the room, as well. Notwithstanding supporting in tranquil zzz’s, magnolia bark is additionally used to help oversee pressure and uneasiness, secure mind wellbeing, and treat wretchedness. It’s likewise been appeared to decrease irritation and aggravation related torment, help oversee diabetes, enhance dental wellbeing, and even possibly keep certain malignancies.

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This is what you have to think about magnolia—where it originates from, what it does, how to take it, and that’s just the beginning.

What is magnolia?

While supplements are ordinarily alluded to just as magnolia, they for the most part contain magnolia bark (magnolia itself alludes to a class of around 240 blooming tree and bush species). The plant is local to North and South America, the Himalayas, and East Asia; and Magnolia has an especially solid association with Chinese home grown drug (which uses both the blossoms and the bark).

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Among other bioactive intensifies, the bark contains magnolol and honokiol, which are to a great extent to thank for a considerable lot of magnolia bark’s advantages.

Magnolia bark for rest.

Magnolia bark’s most generally known application is assisting with rest—investigate has discovered that magnolia bark can help lessen the time it takes to nod off and increment the measure of time spent in both REM (quick eye development) and non-REM (non-fast eye development) rest, which are both critical in remedial rest.

There are a few systems behind its soothing impacts. Strikingly, magnolia bark supports the synapse GABA, or gamma-Aminobutyric corrosive. “GABA resembles the brakes of the cerebrum,” says Breus. “At the point when GABA is inspired, at that point your entire being begins to back off, which clearly is something that you need for rest.”

This is a similar way that ground-breaking remedy tranquilizers like Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata work. “They are all GABA receptor agonists, which means they increment the measure of GABA in your framework, and magnolia bark essentially hits similar receptors that Ambien does,” says Breus.

Magnolia bark additionally advances better rest through the body’s interior endocannabinoid framework, which is an arrangement of synapses that dilemma to cannabinoid receptors to advise the cerebrum to back off. Magnolia bark really enacts these cannabinoid receptors, says Breus. This is like the manner in which CBD oil works (CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive properties found in cannabis that enables the body and cerebrum to unwind).

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Another way magnolia bark helps in rest is by lessening the pressure hormone adrenaline, which helps control the battle or-flight reaction (which, ideally, doesn’t should be in real life when you’re snoozing off). “Perfectly fine nodding off, you truly need adrenaline to be as low as could be allowed,” says Breus. By lessening adrenaline and different pressure hormones like cortisol, magnolia bark can enable you to rest off calmly.

Different advantages of magnolia bark.

Magnolia bark’s rest enhancing benefits go past the time you really spend dozing itself. Notwithstanding awakening inclination rested and restored, the basic demonstration of getting enough superb rest can enhance your mind-set, skin, and vitality levels, and it can help oversee weight and worry, among incalculable different advantages. In this way, in case you’re utilizing magnolia bark to help enhance your rest, different parts of your wellbeing may likewise observe a lift.

Because of its intense properties, magnolia bark additionally has medical advantages that are free of its capacity to enhance rest (and the majority of the related medical advantages that join that). Here are a portion of the fundamental advantages of magnolia bark:

1. Magnolia bark for nervousness.

Through a significant number of similar instruments that it bolsters rest by, magnolia bark can help decrease nervousness by initiating receptors in the endocannabinoid framework (like CBD) and lessening adrenaline and different pressure hormones like cortisol.

This may make magnolia bark a promising characteristic solution for stress and nervousness, without the reactions of certain remedy against uneasiness drugs. One examination done on mice found that honokiol, one of the counter uneasiness (or anxiolytic) properties found in magnolia bark, doesn’t convey indistinguishable reactions from the nervousness drug diazepam (counting Valium, for example, physical reliance, focal dejection, and amnesia.

2. Magnolia bark for overseeing melancholy.

One examination found that the blend of honokiol and magnolol from magnolia bark had energizer like impacts on focused on rodents—it standardized biochemical anomalies in serotonin (5-HT) and the primary metabolite of serotonin (5-HIAA).

Different investigations have discovered that the blend of honokiol and magnolol with ginger may have comparable stimulant properties (a typical mix in Chinese drug to treat gloom), perhaps by controlling both serotonergic and gastrointestinal framework capacities (so both the cerebrum and the gut are included).

3. Magnolia bark to secure cerebrum wellbeing.

Research recommends that one compound in magnolia bark, 4-O-methylhonokiol, avoids memory impedance, which may help avert or moderate the movement of Alzheimer’s illness. Honokiol and magnolol have likewise been appeared to help diminish Aβ‐induced cell passing, which may assume a job in the improvement of Alzheimer’s infection.

4. Magnolia bark to help oversee and anticipate diabetes.

The mixes in magnolia bark (particularly honokiol) may enable control to blood glucose levels. One examination found that 4-O-methylhonokiol, a functioning compound in magnolia bark, can help avert stoutness and insulin obstruction. It additionally may help ensure against oxidative liver harm, a conceivable complexity of diabetes.

5. Magnolia bark to bring down circulatory strain.

One examination found that the magnolia bark compound honokiol antihypertensively affected rodents, decreasing systolic circulatory strain fundamentally when the honokiol was regulated long haul.

6. Magnolia bark for diminishing aggravation and agony.

In one examination, magnolia bark separate decreased the discharge of provocative markers in cells. The mixes honokiol and magnolol additionally have been found to ease torment coming about because of aggravation.

7. Magnolia bark for treating the side effects of menopause.

At the point when magnolia bark was joined with magnesium, one investigation found that menopausal ladies saw critical declines in the recurrence and seriousness of side effects including flushing, night sweats, palpitations, a sleeping disorder, tension, gloom, crabbiness, vaginal dryness, and drive misfortune, when contrasted with ladies taking a blend of calcium and nutrient D3.

8. Magnolia bark to ensure against specific diseases, including breast cancer.

Research from Johns Hopkins University found that the magnolia bark compound honokiol impeded the development of bosom diseases related with abundance leptin (a hormone that manages hunger).

Research has likewise discovered that honokiol can hinder a pathway for malignancy development (counting bosom disease, bladder growth, and lung tumor), which was already thought to be inaccessible with medications. In another investigation audit, honokiol was found to have hostile to malignancy properties, including the capacity to help in contracting tumors nearby radiation treatment (more so than radiation all alone).

9. Magnolia bark for dental wellbeing.

One investigation found that breath mints made with magnolia bark helped kill the oral microorganisms that causes terrible breath and tooth rot inside 30 minutes, recommending that magnolia bark in gum and mints may make visits to the dental specialist’s office considerably more charming. Research has additionally discovered that its antimicrobial properties may likewise hinder the arrangement of plaque.

Side Effects of Magnolia Bark

Two chemicals found in magnolia bark are honokiol and magnolol, which both have strong antioxidant activity. According to Herbal Wisdom, these two substances may help reduce stress and balance your cortisol levels. Therefore, magnolia may also help combat the effects of excessive stress.

Difficulty Breathing

Magnolia bark contains a substance called tubocurarine, which is an alkaloid that is commonly used as a muscle relaxant. The tubocurarine and related substances in magnolia bark may cause respiratory paralysis. It is also toxic to small children and infants, even in small doses. Notify your health care provider if you experience any difficulty breathing while taking magnolia bark. Keep magnolia bark extract out of reach of children.


According to Herb Wisdom, excessive use of magnolia bark may cause vertigo, a sensation of spinning. Subjective vertigo is the sensation that you are spinning in the room and objective vertigo is the sensation that the room is spinning around you. Notify your health care provider or certified herbalist if you experience vertigo while taking magnolia bark extract.


According to Acupuncture Today, magnolia bark contains a substance called magnocurarine that can can have a sedative effect, and which may significantly reduce your blood pressure when taken in large doses. According to E Natural Health Center, magnocurarine can numb your nerve endings, relax your muscles and bones and cause increased respiratory and heart rates. Notify your health care provider if you experience a feeling of sedation, rapid respiration or heart rate when taking magnolia bark extract.

As always don’t take this without your doctors advice. And keep all herbs away from children.

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