More Sleep on Weekends Prolongs Life

Do you feel uncomfortable during the week? If you swear every morning that you are going to bed early, do not worry. The extra sleep at weekends compensates for the loss and prolongs life. This shows data from a new study published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

It is assumed that at least 8 hours of sleep per day is the optimal time to feel good the next day and to live healthier. But the busy schedule at work, care for children and relatives, stress, change the normal mode of man.

The study covers nearly 44,000 people, emphasizing what conditions they sleep and what is the quality of their sleep. People’s indicators are taken in the beginning and 13 years later to find out if there is any difference.

Participants who slept during the weekends 5 hours a day or less have more deaths than those whose sleep duration was usually 7 hours.

Sleep deprivation in adults can affect both mental health and fatal outcome. Data on deaths in people who do not sleep during the week but catch up on weekends and those who sleep well enough from Monday to Friday – at least 8 hours – are almost the same.

Our body has a biological clock that determines when it needs sleep or not. The brain is the organ that controls the so-called circadian rhythm. The light is also very important. Man is more difficult to descend when outdoors. That is why many physicians advise at bedtime to create appropriate conditions to predispose the body to detuning – silence, relaxation, blinds, switching off of electrical lighting, electronic devices and more.