One big mistake that almost all of us do after showering

Do you, after going out of the bathtub, be wiped with a shower towel, dress and continue with your activities?

Showering protects us from many potential infections, but with some habits we practice then we can seriously endanger our health.

It is the situation we described above that is dangerous to you, because, remember – never dress until you are completely dry.

This is particularly true of the intimate part of both men and women. If you wear panties or boxers when you are not yet completely dry, you create conditions for the development of bacteria and fungi that cause fungal infection. Therefore, you need to dry well with this towel after showering.

Heat, moisture and friction can alter the PH value and create an external fungal infection, which can be easily transferred to the vagina in women.

If you have to leave immediately, it is better to dress up first and leave as much time as possible for the intimate parts to dry. Help yourself with a frosted towel. Also, use cotton underwear, which protects against moisture and does not cause skin irritation.