Powerful Affirmations to Say To Yourself Everyday

As social creatures we all need inspiration and affirmation every day. Whether it’s for work, family, close friends and loved ones, to complete a goal like losing weight, saving money, obtaining a skill, or just for every day mental well being. We are literally bombarded with negative news every day on the internet, television, radio. It seems that hardly ever nowadays do we and especially our children hear anything positive anymore!

Part of the inspiration for this blog was to challenge myself to think more positively, develop more resilience, more emotional intelligence and mental strength to cultivate a more fulfilling life and purpose for being, not only for myself but for my Daughter, as well as the people around me.

“Change Your Thoughts and Change Your World” – Norman Vincent Peale

Power Affirmations to Cure Anxiety

“Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” This is a famous affirmation by Emil Coue, a French Pharmacist and Psychologist.  After observing his patients heal faster when they focused their mind on positive healing images, Coue developed this therapeutic method he called optimistic autosuggestion. His belief that, “you are what you think” proved to have great success in rehabilitating the thousands of patients he treated each year.

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You might ask what makes this deceptively simple affirmation so powerful. And how can I duplicate it?

You start with the biggest stressors. Whether it be making more money, hair loss, your toxic relationship… you may have multiple areas that you have anxiety about but some certainly outweigh others. Start there.

Make your affirmation simple and specific. Coue’s autosuggestion is a simply stated imagery for healing. Yours may contain specific relaxation instructions, or suggestions for improved self-esteem or a mantra for success. Make sure it describes exactly what you want to achieve. For example you want to ask for a raise. Be clear and direct.

Powerful affirmations are positive and carefully expressed. Phrase them as if they are occurring now. “I am getting better and better.” Avoid negative statements. For example instead of “I can’t ask for a raise”. Use a positive version such as “I deserve to ask for a raise” or “I am calm and assertive asking for a raise.” Or, “I will always be fat and never lose weight”. Say instead “I will set my goal and reach it, nothing can stop me”.

No matter the outcome you will naturally feel less anxiety when going to achieve your particular goal.

An affirmation works best when combined with an image or mental picture. So write it down, close your eyes, repeat it and visualize the change you want to create.

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Repeat your affirmation throughout the day, every day. The more you say it the more connected it becomes to your desired outcome. Routine repetition was an important part of Coue’s method. He recommended his patients repeat “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” upon awakening, throughout the day and before going to sleep at night. When he put the power of healing into the hands of his patients Coue had great success curing them of illness and disease.

You can even start a blog to help you! A self affirming blog about self love, fulfillment, motivation and life lessons you’ve learned is a great thing to do! You will be helping not only yourself but others in the process!

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Affirmations are good for your mental health. Evidence proves that serotonin and endorphins, those feel good hormones, are released when we focus on positive thoughts. This scientifically based evidence works even if you are a skeptic.

You will feel like quitting and giving up. Just like our muscles, our brain needs constant repetition and exercise to maintain these positive thoughts to expel the negative ones away. You will learn to push through if you keep doing them every day! It will become a good habit. Don’t give up. One day that negative voice will diminish and disappear completely replaced by positive thoughts and affirmations.

So take a cue from Emil Coue. Practice positive thinking. Make affirmations that work to improve your life. You have nothing to lose but time and everything to gain. Like a happier outlook on life, less anxiety, and better health. The power to change is in you.

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