Royal Jelly – Benefits for Skin, Hair and Weight

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is an excellent skin health tool. It increases the moisture content that helps to treat dry skin . Participants in one study had an increase in the hydration index from 28.8% to 60.4% after only 21 days of applying cream with royal jelly.

It is also known to regenerate cells and tissues and successfully treat dermatitis . Contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, antioxidants and nutrients such as flavonoids, nucleic acid, enzymes that renew the skin. Unsaturated fatty acids in royal jelly increase collagen production.

It can fight skin inflammations such as eczema and acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties that cleans bacteria and improves the appearance of the skin. To do so, you can apply it to affected areas by staying for 20 minutes. The same procedure can be repeated for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes.

Besides being an excellent skin product, royal jelly is also famous for its exceptional hair benefits. The proteins and vitamins it contains increase its growth. The royal jelly can be mixed with coconut oil and the ready mixture is applied to the hair for about 20 minutes. Then it should be washed with lukewarm water and shampoo. The royal jelly helps with dandruff and makes the hair shiny and soft.

After menopause , women experience low levels of estrogen, leading to hair loss. Royal jelly balances the hormones and stimulates their production.

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It is also applied to the weight loss diet because of its low calorie content. Although it does not directly affect weight, it can increase your energy levels, increase your metabolism , leading to more energy expenditure and weight loss respectively. Lecithin, which is one of the components of royal jelly, lowers cholesterol, improves liver function and stimulates healthy digestion.

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However, people who have allergies to bees should avoid using royal jelly.