Scientists alert: Diverse nutrition is not healthy

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Diverse nutrition is far less healthy than previously thought, Daily Mail writes.

The publication refers to allegations by American specialists who concluded that by eating diverse, people actually take more food at a time, as they are slower to eat.

Scientists explain that with such a reception one does not realize the amount of food ingested. The pursuit of diversity can also lead to eating unhealthy foods such as biscuits or carbonated beverages in the belief that they are not so harmful in moderation.

Scientists from the University of Texas found a higher incidence of obesity among people who eat a variety of foods.

For the study, specialists have analyzed articles on diverse meals published from 2000 to 2017.

According to them, the main problem is the formulation of a varied diet. For some people, these are foods from different groups, but for other equal calories from different groups.

American scientists recommend the variety to be achieved with different fruits, vegetables and cereals and avoid the trap of “everything in moderate quantity.”