Stretching Workouts – What Are Their Benefits?


Best Reasons to Stretch!

The biggest advantages of stretching are the correct alignment of bones and joints, strengthening of connective tissues and others. According to a study, an important advantage of stretching exercises is that over time due to stretching, blood flow to the muscles improves.

Stretching or stretching is a stretch of muscle fibers and fibers. During exercise, the muscles are loaded and the structure of the muscle fibers is destroyed by a number of micro-breaks.


Much research has been done to understand how the body is optimized as a result of exercise. After a 35-year study, the factors that help the body recover from physical tension are identified. These are: the time of intake of nutrients, i.e. proteins, the type of exercise, the massage received (if any), the sleep, the low creatine dose and the stretching.

Athletes have tried many things to speed up recovery time after exercises. This includes cryotherapy, massage, compression, immersion in ice water, stretching, anti-inflammatory and electrostimulation.

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These interventions are aimed at reducing lactic acid, inflammatory markers and other molecules that accumulate after physical exercise.

When we exercise, our body adapts to this stress by altering muscle structure, metabolism and physiology. There is a huge variety of stretching exercises that load the main muscles of the legs, back, chest and shoulders. Thanks to these, the energy levels are improved, the risk of injury is reduced, the endurance is increased and the flexibility is higher.

Here’s a great beginner video for getting more flexibility!

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