The autumn comes, strengthen the immune system naturally

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The weather gradually begins to cool and soon the short summer we had will remain only a valuable memory that will warm us during the cold days. Now is the time to prepare the body for the fall. Start gradually replacing the clothes in the wardrobe and wearing things that match the outside temperatures. In the beginning it will be uncomfortable to wear jeans and a jacket, but you will gradually become accustomed and will even look for a light neck scarf.

Eat a balanced diet

It is not only important to include fruit and vegetables in your diet, but especially to eat in a balanced way. Make sure your meals have enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and beneficial fats.

Avoid greasy and processed foods filled with preservatives.

Sleep more

Full rest and sleep are a prerequisite for a well-functioning immune system. If you let yourself in the summer late, at the beginning of autumn you should put a head on the pillow a little earlier to rested the other day. Lying and falling under a particular regimen reduces stress and improves immunity.


Motion is an enemy of the immune system. Even if you feel tired at the end of the day, go back and take a shower, relax a bit and then go for a walk. Movement is health. The more you exercise, the less the risk of getting sick in autumn and winter.

Forget about harmful habits

Smoking and alcohol consumption can give you energy but damage many organs and systems. They also negatively affect the immune system, which begins to operate at slower rates. Try to keep your harmful habits to a minimum to keep the bacilli away from you.


People do not know or have time to free themselves of the stress and strain they accumulate on their shoulders every day. Meditation, yoga, hot tub, spinning or some other sport can relax you and increase the body’s defense.