The Most Common Questions About Depression And Their Answers

Depression is often a disturbance of the mood that more and more people are facing during our stressful modern times. It seems that even although our lives are simpler in many ways, we are faced with more complicated issues in many other ways leading many to a depressed state of mind.

Depression can make even the most ordinary daily activities difficult and become a serious problem, without ever being aware of, and happening at any age, regardless of gender.

These feelings can be especially prevalent around the Holidays.

The feeling of hopelessness, sorrow, irritability and reduced energy, in addition to the many symptoms, affect how you think and handle your daily activities, such as sleeping, eating and working.

But many do not know enough about the term depression and have many questions about this topic.

To better understand, we offer you answers to several commonly asked questions about depression:

Are there several types of depression?

Although clinical depression is the type most talked about, it is not the only type of depression that people are victims of.

There are different types of depression, some of which may occur in people who have not had such a history, but have survived loss, trauma, or have a chronic illness.

In these cases, depression may not be obvious, but there are ways to discover and not all types of depression are related to people who do not want to take care of themselves, give up, or have suicidal thoughts.

Can you be too old for depression?

Depression has nothing to do with years. Depression can touch anyone from children to teenagers, young adults, adults and the elderly.

What are the signs of depression that everyone overlooks?

One way is to differentiate the feeling of sadness and depression. But there are several signs that can indicate depression, such as incompetence and difficulty in making decisions, losing self-esteem, indifference to things that have previously been passionate, increased irritability to everyone in the environment, lack of attention and many other things that affect the quality of life.

Can you be depressed without knowing why?

Many people who suffer from depression can not know exactly when they felt it, why and how.

For those close to them, this can be frustrating because it can happen at once or may occur gradually. It is therefore good to pay attention to the signs.

Is it possible to overcome depression on it’s own?

Those who suffer from depression often hear phrases like “just passing through it” from their loved ones, but it’s not that easy and it’s not something that is resolved with a gathering with friends.

Taking care of one’s mental health is very important. It should be on par to caring for your physical health. After all if you one broke their leg no one would expect a doctor to tell you to just ‘shake it off’.

This is a very helpful Ted Talk by Guy Winch one of my favorite online therapists who has helped me quite a great deal with his compassionate speeches about the importance of quality emotional health and therapy.


Depending on the level of depression, along with a consultation by an expert, a person may be able to use techniques such as cognitive behavior therapy, medications or other therapies that work best on him or her as an individual, but the most important thing is to get the help of a seasoned Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist.

Depression Hotline – Call if you need help discussing your depression