The One Ingredient You Need to Cook Juicy, Flavorful Chicken Breasts Every Time

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When you’re finished with a jug of pickles, odds are you’re not sparing that remaining juice for your future.

In any case, let us let you know… that is a major slip-up. It’s unadulterated flavor! Only a sprinkle of the stuff is sufficient to take your supper to the following level. Much the same as most marinades, pickle juice contains a blend of corrosive (generally vinegar), salt and sugar. Furthermore, since it’s been for quite some time built up that pickles and chicken sandwiches are a match made in paradise, poultry is a characteristic go-to for this undertaking.

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In view of the salt in the brackish water, you don’t have to include any additional flavoring. Simply drench some chicken bosoms in the pickle squeeze medium-term, at that point cook them over medium warmth in a skillet in some margarine or oil until the point that they’re cooked through (on the off chance that they’re thick ones, you may need to complete them off in the broiler). You likewise get a couple additional minutes of squirm room the extent that the cooking time goes, as the marinade will help keep the chicken from drying out.