The Pros and Cons of a Relationship With a ‘Cougar’

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We’ve all fantasized about a relationship with someone older or younger than us, but would it really work? We’ve broken down the pros and cons for you!’s definition of a cougar is, ” A woman of middle age who actively seeks the casual companionship of younger males.” It has been rumored and said that the word and term “Cougar” originated in a Canadian bar. Supposedly the catch phrase started in the early 2000’s by a group of younger men who noticed certain mature/older women who thought and acted differently than typical mid-aged women.

Certain things that distinguish “Cougar Women” from most other women is there confidence, demeanor, and allure. Not only do men (young & old) gravitate towards such women, other women, tend to also have a certain respect and admiration for ‘real cougar women’. Having a distinctive, individual, confidence, wisdom, independent and liberating spirit reflects and signifies other many influential women figures from Cleopatra to Demi Moore.

Love knows no barriers. However nice that may sound, it’s not strictly true. Lifestyle, interests, and personality types are all important factors that make a long-term relationship work. If you’re considering dating someone who is a lot older than you, read this article about the pros and cons of a relationship between an older woman and younger man!

cougar cat

Emotional maturity

Maturity varies from person to person. Yet, there are certain life experiences that define emotional maturity. It can be difficult to have the same connection with a younger man than with someone of a similar age. Heartbreak, grief, and hardship are all experiences that fast-track emotional maturity.

In short, a younger person has likely not undergone the same situations an older person has already experienced. This can make an emotional divide that is difficult to bridge in the relationship.

Emotional maturity may not seem important in the early stages of dating. However, it won’t be too long until you need to lean on your partner, and they may not be up to the challenge without the necessary experience.

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Energy and stamina

One major pro for dating a younger person is that they will have an energy and enthusiasm for life that can be hard to find in older people. Unfortunately, the same can be a con if you decide to date an older person.

Most likely they have major commitments and a routine that will reduce their energy for trying new things. The good news is that energy and stamina are deeply dependent on personality types. Just remember that this is an important thing to keep in mind when you begin dating someone with a significant age difference.

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It’s hard to generalize, but older women are likely going to be more loyal than younger ones. They have been through relationships before, and they understand the importance of commitment and the benefits of a long-term partner. An older woman will also be more willing to accept faults and mistakes as part of the package that comes with a relationship.


Financial benefits

They say money doesn’t matter and love always wins. However, life can be different, as it’s really important to feel settled in a relationship. Most older people have a set financial life, with home loans, responsibilities for children, full-time jobs, and other financial commitments.

Younger people may not have the same financial priority. They might not be keen on saving money, but rather enjoying themselves and living a more indulgent lifestyle.

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Each person is unique

At the end of the day, each person is different. Although we have provided you with some general truths, it’s important to always give your love interest a chance. Even if they are at a different stage in life it can an enriching experience for both of you.


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pros and cons of a relationship with a cougar