The Truth Behind the ‘Starve a Cold Lest You Feed a Fever’

chicken soup

“Starve a cold, Lest You feed a fever.”

The meaning of which is, often when we acquire sickness coming on in the body, it is because the body is overloaded with waste products and really needs a cleanse. Cutting back on heavier foods, doing a small fast of juices, blended live veggie drinks and a cleanse, can do a great deal to clean up the body and keep from getting something worse. Thus: “starve a cold” LEST “you feed a fever”.

Allowing yourself to rest, lighten up on what is consumed, and put some living fresh rejuvenating foods into the system will help relieve cold symptoms and waylay the fever. The ancient Ayurvedic (5,000 year old healing art) suggests drinking ¼ cup warm water every hour till sickness is gone, while fasting or eating lightly.

Drinking warm water plain, with lemon, tea can give the body a boost by hydrating and offering fluid to carry away waste products and toxins that may be overloading the body, and assisting in elimination.

Next step, make yourself a gentle, light Super Immunity(TM) Soup – the special blend of herbs and spices have been shown by research to fight everything from staph to strep, giardia, cancer, viruses, bacteria, fungus and more. Make a lighter soup, with much broth and veggies, enjoy to your heart’s content. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your system will send that cold running.

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When fighting a cold, follow the protocol above, and then bundle up to keep warm, get outside and move in the fresh air and sunshine; it’s amazing how quickly the body will begin to reclaim itself.

Another aspect to consider in any illness is emotions. Is there something in life we’re unhappy about, or holding back on, and just don’t want to admit to ourselves, that is lowering our immune response? We are a complex organism, affected by our mind, emotions and relationships to life and those around us. Often when we are frustrated, bored, working out of obligation rather than true desire, eventually illness “appears”.

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