This 25-Cent, One-Ingredient Sauce Is Just What You Need to Rescue Leftover Pasta

Béchamel. Velouté. Espagnole. Hollandaise. Marinara or tomato sauce.

These are the five French “mother sauces.” Béchamel brags an extravagant, velvety surface, and making it includes a mindful eye, a whisk, and a roux (a flour-spread blend). Hollandaise can, thank heavens, be made in a blender, yet it tends to break.

You know what’s less demanding than any of these extravagant mixtures? Fricasseeing an egg.

Regardless of whether you like yours sautéed in margarine, olive oil, or nothing by any stretch of the imagination, the seared egg is maybe the simplest method to add a kick of protein to any dish. (This is additionally valid for its brethren, hard-bubbled and delicate cooked eggs—saints of noon servings of mixed greens over this fine country.) Plus, the browned egg can protect extra pasta like nothing you’ve ever observed.

To give it a shot, set a medium skillet over high warmth. (Utilize a touch of margarine or olive oil if wanted.) Remove your extra pasta from the ice chest while the container warms up; split the egg into the dish when it’s extremely hot. Add one serving of pasta to the next portion of the container, spreading out the noodles so they warm through. Quickly turn the warmth to low, and cover the skillet. Cook the egg till the white has set however the yolk is as yet liquid.

If you must revive leftover pasta. #wwllt ?

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Precisely evacuate the now-warmed pasta to a bowl, season it with salt, pepper, or red pepper drops—whatever it needs—and season the egg with sea salt. Deliberately expel the singed egg to the bowl.Did the yolk break as you set it in the bowl? No issue by any means, since that is what you’re going for in any case. You’re going to cut it with a fork, turn that luxury yolk through the noodles, and make a moment sauce out of that jammy brilliant goodness.

The best piece of this trap? It tends to be utilized on nearly anything. Think about extra rice, which can be warmed and changed, at that point finished with an egg for sauce. Steamed or sautéed kale or collards do well with this, as well. What’s more, recall that eggs pack a decent measure of protein; a couple of them added to remaining meal cauliflower or broccoli can constitute a supper.

Suspicious? All things considered, in the event that you like carbonara, odds are you like this kind of thing as of now. A few eateries will essentially settle a crude egg yolk directly into the hot noodles for you to turn into them. Furthermore, there are certainly alternate way formulas out there including singed eggs in carbonara.