When Does your Body Need Selenium?

How can you tell if your body is lacking Selenium?

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in maintaining normal thyroid function. It is believed that women need 60 micrograms of mineral per day (for pregnant 70), while men – 55 mcg.

When the body experiences a deficiency of selenium, certain signs appear that vary depending on which system they are concerned with. The most common are severe fatigue, muscle pain, high cholesterol, palpitations, and more.

The easiest way to get selenium is through a variety of nutrition and supplements. But how do you know how much you need?

Here are five signs that will reveal a possible deficiency of selenium in your body:

1. Pain and weakness in the muscles

Deficiency of selenium can cause problems with the joints and lead to weakness in the muscles of the hands and feet, which may interfere with your daily activities.

Some adults with chronic illnesses often have a positive selenium test. But when the younger ones feel tired and move hard for leg weakness, it’s good to run tests.

2. Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss

Selenium is essential for thyroid hormone synthesis. If you get tired in the morning, even if you sleep well, if you get tired easily and are still sleeping, then you have a thyroid problem, probably a reduced function.

Hair loss, fatigue, sudden weight gain, cold feet, muscle cramps, irregular cycles, decreased libido are the main symptoms that alert you to have your thyroid gland examined.

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3. Lack of concentration, difficult to remember

In many cases, people who have deficiency in selenium do not have long-term memory and forget important moments of their lives, some of which occurred 2-3 months ago. When the level of minerals is lower, one is hardly concentrated and slower.

4. Frequent illness
Selenium is one of the micro-elements that supports the immune system. When the work is disturbed, especially in thyroid problems, the body has a higher risk of microbial contamination.

A strong antioxidant can overcome colds and flu.

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Eat Brazilian walnuts

If your studies show that you need more selenium, try first with nuts. Brazilian walnut has the highest content of microelements. Only 100 g contain about 1530 μg. selenium. It is enough to take 1 nut to get the right amount for the day. 

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