Wrinkles Believe it or Not Also Have a Good Side

Although the beauty industry is constantly seeking to erase wrinkles from people’s face in search of eternal youth and beauty, the results of a new study show that wrinkles can be positive. Science gives us a new reason to appreciate fine lines and wrinkles.

The study, conducted by researchers at West University in Ontario, has come to the conclusion that the human brain is prone to perceive people as more sincere if they have wrinkles around their eyes when they smile or are frowned.

Researchers have come to this conclusion based on the results of the respondents’ replies. They were shown pictures of people with clear wrinkles in the area around the eyes and mouth and those without. The majority of them have considered more sincere people who have more pronounced fine lines in these areas.

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The results speak of a subconscious universal language for reading emotions . In other words, a person’s action may have a role in many facial expressions – especially if that person’s action shapes your social interactions. For example, if we know if the stranger’s smile is real and if he can be trusted, this is a warning to avoid it or not.

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For more than a century, scientists have been trying to find out if all people experience emotions in the same basic spectrum – and if it is true, whether they are expressing them in the same way. In the 1970s, this is the main issue that Charles Darwin deals with in his book “Expression of emotions in humans and animals”.

Nowadays, researchers believe that the key to this language is precisely eye contusion.

So the next time someone tells us that those lines around our eyes give us extra charm, we can smile.