Yoga with gin for complete relaxation

Once beer yoga has captured thousands of people in the world, a new trend has come. More and more instructors in the UK are taking hours to perform different asanas with a glass of gin.

Gin Yoga is one of the ways to achieve total body relaxation at the end of the day. It combines the two favorite things of instructor Emily Warnop – yoga and gin. Teaching yoga, she thought that alcohol in reasonable quantities could also be a therapy for the soul. And she decided to use the pleasure of gin drinking as a variety in her classes. The combination of yoga asanas and the consumption of this type of alcohol relaxes consciousness and is a real energizing experience, she says.

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“Gin gives extra relaxation. The class is oriented towards people who are aware of their taste and texture of the drink … It really is a journey inside and will help people focus and appreciate the essence of yoga, “explains Emily to Hull Live.

Wornop conducts gin yoga once a month, with an hour and a half lesson. It combines Yin and Yang yoga exercises with ginning with tonic. Of course, for those who quickly dissociate themselves from alcohol, there is orange juice or coconut water.

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